Saturday, September 18

To use Instagram you will have to tell it when your birthday is | Digital Trends Spanish

Until now it was not mandatory to indicate your date of birth in order to create an account or use Instagram, but things have just changed. The social network has announced in a blog post You will have to indicate your date of birth in order to continue using the app.

In the next few weeks the service will show a pop-up window when opening Instagram. In it, you will be asked to indicate the date of your birthday, information that according to the social network will not be made public. You can decline the request to add your date of birth, but if you reject the message several times, you will no longer be able to use the application.

“This information is necessary for the new functionalities that we are developing to protect the youngest,” explains Pavni Diwanji, vice president who joined the firm last December, in a statement sent by the social network to the media. Instagram plans to implement some functions similar to those of TikTok to protect minors, such as preventing them from receiving private messages.

In its statement, the social network recognizes that some users may lie about their age, which is why they are already working on tools based on artificial intelligence that detect false information. For example, they can use the age of the people who congratulate you in a birthday post to calculate what your average age could be. You could also ask other users about your age, although all of these features are still in early development.

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