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Tokyo 2020 Doodle is a tribute to 16-bit games | Digital Trends Spanish

Despite the pandemic, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will take place this week. To celebrate them, Google presents an interactive Doodle that mixes Japanese culture and sports.

Is named Doodle Champion Island Games and allows you to play seven 16-bit minigames related to the events of the Olympics. In addition, the game includes animations and Japanese art by Studio 4 ° C.

The Doodle features a ninja cat named Lucky. With this you must travel the island to compete against “The seven champions of sports.” That way, you can participate in traditional events, such as athletics, or sports that will debut at Tokyo 2020, such as skateboarding.

At the beginning of the game you must join one of the four available teams: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. Each is represented by an animal: Karasu (a crow), Ushi (a cow), Inari (a fox) and Kappa (a monster from Japanese folklore that looks similar to a turtle). With your score you can help your team to position itself in the best places in a world table.

Google says this Doodle is a tribute to classic Japanese games of the 16-bit era, and it has achieved its goal. Although it is limited by being within the browser, it does remind us of the games popularized by the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis.

Doodle Champion Island Games It is now available. To play it, you just have to go to your page on Google and start your adventure with Lucky.

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