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Tokyo 2020: the best apps to follow the Olympic Games | Digital Trends Spanish

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Between July 23 and August 8, the Olympic Games will take place, the most emblematic sporting event in the world. Although it will be possible to follow the competitions live through television channels or broadcast platforms, streaming, you can also stay informed from anywhere with the best applications to follow the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

You will be interested in:

Olympics: Tokyo 2020

It is the official application of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and it is surely the most complete to follow all the details of the event. Developed and operated jointly by the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee, the app allows you to monitor and receive notifications about your country’s performance in up to eight sports.

However, you can also access news, the calendar of events, check the results by country or athlete, find out if any records have been broken, know the venues, among other multiple functions. It is available for iOS and Android phones.

Android IOS

Tokyo 2021 – Schedule, Sports and Medals

If you are looking for something more basic, Tokyo 2021 – Schedule, Sports and Medals is one of the most convenient options. The main screen shows you the events that will be held each day and if any are of interest to you, you can mark them as a favorite for faster access. In addition, it offers a medal table to follow the performance of your country. If you filter by sport, you can see the entire calendar for that discipline, as well as a brief review. Although the advertising is not annoying, you can remove it for less than a dollar.


OlímpicoCol (Colombian Olympic Committee)

The Colombian Olympic Committee (COC) wants you not to miss any details about the performance of its athletes. For this reason, he has designed this application that allows access to news, photographs, videos and podcasts, among other types of material. Although it is intended for a more global use, it has a special Tokyo 2020 section where it will be possible to monitor the performance of the more than 70 Colombian athletes present in Japan.


Team USA

It is the official app of the United States Olympic and Paralympic teams. It offers news, exclusive stories, photos, videos, among other types of content. It allows monitoring the performance of all athletes, both during their competitions and outside of them. If you wish, you can configure alerts to be aware of all activities.

Android iOS

Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020

Although strictly speaking it is not an application to follow the sporting event, Sonic at the Olympic Games is a good alternative to start preparing the environment. The SEGA game allows you to participate in 15 Olympic events, such as 100 meter dash, 400 meter hurdles, javelin throw, table tennis, BMX, among others. Although the game is free, if you want to take a virtual tour of the entire Olympic city and participate in more events, you will need to buy tickets separately. Anyway, the first few levels are free and well worth a try for some fun.

Android iOS

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