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Tokyo 2020: these are the best images of the Paralympic Games | Digital Trends Spanish

For 12 days, the main exponents of Paralympic sport in the world meet in Japan to give the world a show of self-improvement and resilience. An effort that has been reflected in the best images of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games that we have selected.

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The event, which runs between August 24 and September 5, brings together more than 4,500 athletes who compete in the 22 Paralympic disciplines, aimed at people with physical, visual or intellectual disabilities.

Mexican wrestlers on the track

Getty Images

Mexican Mónica Olivia Rodríguez Saavedra and her guide pose next to the scoreboard, showing the new world record in the final of 1500 meters for women in the T11 category, for athletes with visual disabilities.

Fraternity above all

Wheelchair tennis in Tokyo 2020
Japanese tennis player Shingo Kunieda greets Chinese Ji Zhenxu, after defeating him in one of the Open class qualifying matches. At an individual level, wheelchair tennis includes the categories of Open, for athletes with disabilities in their legs, and Quad, for those who have movement and coordination difficulties in the four extremities.

Genie and figure in the water

Brazilian swimmer Gabriel dos Santos Araujo
Brazilian swimmer Gabriel dos Santos Araujo has become one of the main figures of the Paralympic Games. In the picture he celebrates his gold medal in the 200 freestyle. Dos Santos was born with phocomelia, a rare congenital disease that causes shortening of the limbs.

Great Britain rules rugby

Wheelchair rugby
Getty Images

Stuart Robinson celebrates Great Britain’s victory in the wheelchair rugby final against the United States. Paralympic rugby is a mixed sport, in which each team consists of four players, each of whom has a point value based on their available range of motion.

Nothing stops it

Paralympic table tennis
Getty Images

Egyptian Ibrahim Elhusseiny Hamadtou uses his mouth to grab the racket during a men’s individual table tennis match in the TT6 category. Hamadtou, who lost his arms in a train accident when he was 10 years old, uses his feet to serve.

The rematch in the triathlon

Paralympic triathlon
Getty Images

The Dutch Jetze Plat celebrates after winning the gold medal in the Paralympic triathlon, in the PTWC category, which brings together athletes with disabilities in the lower extremities. The athlete – who had finished third in Rio 2016 – completed the 750-meter swim, 20 kilometers of handbike and a 5-kilometer wheelchair race in 57 minutes.

The Salvadoran force

Hebert Aceituno
Getty Images

Herbert Aceituno celebrates after winning the silver prize in the men’s 59kg weightlifting final, becoming the first Paralympic medalist in El Salvador’s history.

Deserved celebration

Shot put at Paralympic Games
Getty Images

Russia’s Denis Gnezdilov celebrates after winning the gold medal and breaking the world record in the men’s shot put in the F40 category, in which short athletes compete.

There are no limits

Paralympic swimming
Getty Images

Paralympic swimmers who have limb disabilities use grippers, such as towels or elastics, to facilitate departure in some of the events, such as backstroke or freestyle. In the image, the Chinese Thao Zeng prepares to compete in the 50m backstroke of the S5 category.

The fastest at the bottom of the track

Getty Images

Swiss Marcel Hug leads the men’s 5000m final in the T54 category, where wheelchair athletes participate. The 5000 meters is the longest distance event in Paralympic track athletics.

A precise lunge

Female wheelchair fencing
Getty Images

The Italian Beatrice Vio, better known as Bebe Bio, once again became one of the figures of wheelchair fencing, winning category B of the women’s foil in the final against the Chinese Jingjing Zhou.

Jump further

Long jump at the Paralympic Games
Getty Images

South African Ntando Mahlangu celebrates after winning the men’s long jump in the T63 category, in which athletes with disabilities in their lower limbs compete with prosthetics. The South African scored Mahlangu scored 7.17 meters, surpassing the 6.47 meters that he himself had scored in 2019.

Speed ​​at the velodrome

Tandem track cycling
Getty Images

Irish Katie-George Dunlevy won the gold medal in the women’s individual 3000m chase in category B, for cyclists with visual impairments. The European was accompanied on the tandem bike by her guide Eve McCrystal.

The mexican mermaid

Fabiola Ramírez from Mexico
Getty Images

The Mexican Fabiola Ramírez, known as the “hydro-warm siren” -because she is originally from Aguascalientes-, competes in the final of 100 meters freestyle in the S1 category, for swimmers who have limited coordination of the torso, arms and legs. Ramírez got the bronze medal in the 100 meter backstroke.

Colombian power

Colombian Mayerli Buitrago
Getty Images

Colombian Mayerli Buitrago is preparing to compete in the women’s shot put, in the F41 category, for short athletes. Buitrago obtained a bronze medal in the test.

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