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Tom Hanks turned down an invitation from Bezos to go into space | Digital Trends Spanish

In recent times, various people who are not astronauts have been able to travel to space in what has been a kind of publicity move by some companies that want to promote space tourism.

Of course, for now, trips outside our planet are reserved only for billionaires or celebrities.

A few weeks ago, actor William Shatner, known for his role as Captain Kirk in Star trek, became the longest-lived person to travel to space after being part of a Blue Origin mission.

However, the CEO of the aerospace company, Jeff Bezos, originally had another actor in mind for that historic flight.

In conversation with the program Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Tom Hanks said that Bezos offered to be one of the first civilians to travel into space aboard one of his capsules.

However, the prominent actor declined the invitation because it seemed to him that its cost was too high.

Tom Hanks during the presentation of Finch. Getty Images

“Look, I’m doing pretty good, but I’m not going to pay $ 28 million. You know what? We could simulate the experience of going into space. It’s a 12 minute drive, right? I don’t need to spend $ 28 million to do that, ”he noted.

When asked if he would take the same trip but for free, he replied: “Well, I would do it just to enjoy this experience and pretend that I am a billionaire.”

Tom Hanks is close to releasing a new movie on the Apple TV + platform. Is about Finch, a film that addresses the theme of the end of the world where the character of Hanks, his dog and a robot seem to be the only survivors.

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