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Tomás Guitarte, candidate of Aragón Exists: “We would like to be part of the next Government of Aragón”

Tomás Guitarte took the step into politics in 2019, when the Teruel Existe movement obtained a deputy for the Congress of Deputies. Four years later, he returned to Aragón as a candidate for the presidency of the Government of Aragón with the Aragón Existe-Teruel Existe coalition, which polls place as the possible key for the formation of a government in the community.

The PP reaches Lambán and Aragón Exists will have the key to the regional government


What will Aragón Existe contribute if it enters the Aragonese parliament?

Aragón Existe can contribute a lot, especially one of the principles of the debate at the beginning of our autonomy: the search for territorial balance as one of the main government actions. The community of Aragón is the most internally weak of all those in Spain, 52% of the population lives in just 2% of the territory. Of the rest, 18 Aragonese regions have population density figures below 12.5 inhabitants per square kilometer, which the European Union considers to be a demographic desert. Put territorial balance in government action policies so that all regions have options and that everyone can develop their vital project without having to leave their environment. This, which is nothing specific and is everything, is a matter of priority. Basically, we propose corrections to the current development model, which has led us to polarize economic growth and population in very little territory. We believe that for the future of Aragon it is much fairer with the territory to develop and produce the balance.

How do you assess your work during these years in the Congress of Deputies?

Having achieved that 88% of Spaniards consider that depopulation is a serious or very serious problem. This assumption of the problem by the Spanish and by the political class was the first step to take structural measures. The development model must be corrected because one of the territorial consequences is that more than 70% of the Spanish territory has serious problems of depopulation and this is unsustainable.

We seek territorial balance as one of the main government actions

Do you think they have met their goals?

Yes, since our presence in the Congress of Deputies, Teruel exists in Spain and Aragon as well. One of the issues that we most reproach the government of the community is that it has not been able to take advantage of this presence of Teruel in Madrid in the claim of all the territories of emptied Spain to re-study the regional financing. The Government of Aragon has strategically preferred to attack or try to prevent the emptied Spain from consolidating.

What are your claims for the next elections, taking into account that in 2019 you were the first force in Teruel?

What we hope for is to have a parliamentary group in the Parliament of Aragon, a group large enough to influence political decisions or even the formation of a government.

What is the main challenge for Aragón in the coming years?

We want the search for subsidized housing not to be a factor in migration to the big cities and to establish a public housing stock in each town based on its size, so that people do not have to leave to look for housing and then so that People who want to go to work or live in a town can try if they are convinced by that way of life without having to make that large outlay. On the other hand, Aragon has to give a very powerful boost to the primary sector, which is the supporting network of the entire territory, it must be ensured that it is not only possible to live from it but that it is attractive and profitable so that it calls for the incorporation of people young. You also have to bet on strategic sectors, for example in Teruel the aerospace or aeronautical sector. We have to discover other areas of this type and that is where it should be. Improving connectivity, communications and facilitating housing are three important factors to give a boost to society so that the community can move forward.

In the electoral survey that we carried out at, Aragón Existe appeared as the key to the future government of the community. Will they form part of the next Government of Aragon?

We want to be very realistic and we are aware that this is the first time that we have participated in regional and municipal elections and we are starting from scratch. Our aspiration is to have a parliamentary group, if the Aragonese decide to give us a group with enough weight to be able to negotiate participation in a government, we would do so and, if we have the possibility, we want to be in government action because we were born to try to make the demands that they did not go beyond the citizen movement to arrive. If we are given enough confidence, we would like to participate in the formation of that government or at least in the fundamental guidelines of government action.

According to these results, the balance would be between PSOE and PP, to which of them is Aragón Existe closer?

We are a transversal force, we do not have an a priori preference for either of the two, the assumption of the program proposals that we carry out will weigh. We are going to negotiate based on the points that our program includes, the theoretical approaches and the degree of assumption and credibility of that commitment that the other formations give us. Our experience in the central government has shown us that while our commitment in an investiture negotiation has to be fulfilled immediately, then compliance by the other party requires being on top of it, we are going to try to secure it in a much more guaranteed way. because we would not like to be told something and then not come true. The ideological component is not going to be prioritized, it gives us the impression that what it has done for years is that the objectives that are going to benefit the quality of life of citizens are not achieved. We understand that there is an emergency situation due to the territorial crisis that the development model that we have followed has led us to, whose most direct expression is that the territories remain depopulated, we must stop this process and for that we want to summon everyone to let them solve it.

The ideological component will not be prioritized

What are the fundamental principles that will make a pact possible? Have there already been talks prior to the elections?

For us it does not make sense to make political fiction, the conversations if they take place will be based on the electoral results and seeing in what position they have placed us. It is in the hands of the voters to decide where Aragón has to walk.

How is the relationship with Lambán’s PSOE?

Indeed, there was a moment in which we believe that they did not manage to assume the electoral results of 2019, they wanted to separate us from the social and political life of Aragon, they did not allow us to participate in the reconstruction project of the autonomous community, we were participating with a great presence in congress in the state reconstruction plans and we were prevented in those of Aragon. That bothered us but right now in this desire to build the objectives these issues do not weigh, that has already happened and we do not value it as an important issue when negotiating.

Is the renewable energy model one of those fundamental principles?

We are supporters of renewables. What we see is that in the face of the energy transition there are two ways of approaching, on the one hand there is a model that is the one that the Government of Aragon is following, which consists of the implementation of macro plants and making self-consumption difficult; and on the other is the opposite model, the democratization of energy, promoting self-consumption or energy communities. We are committed to a model with the presence of self-consumption, of distributed generation, obviously there must be macro plants, but these must be done after prior ordering in which it is decided where they should go or not. The implementation of renewable energies must be done with respect for the natural and cultural heritage and contributing to the development of the territories in which it is implemented. We consider that this contribution consists of the implementation of a canon that goes between 20% and 35% of its turnover and must be allocated to the development of the territory, this is already implemented in Europe

And the relationship with Azcón’s PP? This same week he has made some statements in which he opens the door to a PP government supported by Vox and Aragon exists.

We don’t like to make political fiction. Although we talk to everyone, we have a theoretical frame of reference from which we are not going to leave and that means that agreements can only be made with those who respect the declaration of human rights, respect the Spanish Constitution and the state of the autonomies. . We do not put red lines with any formation, except as may be the case with Vox, since their approaches are outside our frame of reference. It is impossible to come to an agreement with someone who questions the very autonomous state of which we are defenders. Anyone who does not share this model is not in our framework. Just as it prevents us from defending the transfer of the Ebro or leaving Europe.

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