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Toni Cantó gives vague explanations about her position in the Spanish Office and accuses Sánchez of “plagiarizing her”

On June 30, a few days after taking office again as president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso revealed what would be the fate for Toni Cantó after her services in the 4M campaign after being left out of the lists of the PP for a decision of the Constitutional: director of the Office of Spanish, a position and a newly created body for which the former leader of Ciudadanos pockets 75,000 euros a year. Almost 100 days after his appointment, the opposition has called the actor to the Madrid Assembly to demand explanations about his work at the head of this entity of which Cantó himself said that “the chiringuito is me.”

Toni Cantó has appeared this Wednesday at the Culture Commission – at the request of the PSOE – to defend his appointment and has thanked Díaz Ayuso very effusively for the creation of this office that has given him employment after leaving Ciudadanos to join the ranks of the PP. And then he has accused Pedro Sánchez of “plagiarizing” by the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) linked to the Spanish language, which will be approved in the next Council of Ministers and which seeks that “artificial intelligence thinks in Spanish “.

Cantó has defended that the Community of Madrid first proposed this office before Sánchez raised the PERTE linked to the Spanish language. “We have no problem with him plagiarizing us. Sánchez copies Ayuso, but we like to be copied, we don’t complain and hopefully we can work together,” he said.

“The president behaves, once again, sorry for the expression, like an opportunist, like a person who plagiarizes,” insisted the former leader of Ciudadanos, before UPyD. And he added: “I remember some words from Gandhi: ‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, and then you win. I would add: Then they copy you, and then you win.”

The socialist deputy Manuela Villa has responded to these accusations, and recalled that “the strategic program for Spanish is a project of industrial, technological and international development.” “It goes far beyond the field of culture,” he stressed and added that “it aspires to position Spanish at the forefront in the digital world.” “It also has a budget,” he launched after Cantó said in an interview that the only budget for the agency is his salary.

Faced with criticism from the opposition that the Office of Spanish sees a competition with other existing organizations, Cantó has defended that his Office of Spanish in Madrid “has nothing to do” with the RAE or the Cervantes Institute: “We do not have nothing to do with promoting Spanish outside of Spain and we don’t want to tell Spaniards how they should speak. ”

As he explains now, 80-90% of the work of the Office will be aimed at attracting students of Spanish and Spanish to the Community, something that he has said is celebrated by the educational sector, artistic and cultural unions. “I meet with the Augustinians in the Escorial and, a few hours later, in a futuristic vertical campus of IE”, he assured to defend his work at the head of the ad hoc body created.

The opposition has attacked the work of the actor and politician calling the office superfluous ”and accusing the regional government of launching“ a belligerent ideology that confronts us with some regions of Spain and Latin America ”. They have also said that it is “a consolation prize for not having been on the lists, which, judging by the salary, is not bad at all.”

Defense of Hispanidad

The director of the Office of Spanish has defended that the body that he now directs, like Ayuso does, will fight the cultural battle for Hispanism in the conquest of America against revisionism. Thus, Cantó has defended that it meant the liberation of thousands of people who were under a “savage and cannibal” power, being capable of “killing 70,000 people in a single ceremony.”

“I want to proudly claim the historical legacy. I do not believe that we are colonizers or conquerors, or anything like that. I believe that when Spain arrived on that continent it liberated the continent. They did not conquer it, they liberated it, because if not it is not possible to understand how some Hundreds managed to free so many thousands of people from that continent who were absolutely judged by a power that was absolutely brutal, savage and even cannibalistic. They were capable of killing 70,000 people in a single ceremony, “Cantó has launched.

In this way, Cantó has assured that Spain freed them from that and from there it was possible to create “a common history, with a common language and a historical legacy” of which he says it is necessary to feel “proud”. “I am proud of my homeland, of what the Catholic Church accomplished, of that legacy and of all history. I understand that the communists are ashamed of their country but let me be at the opposite of what you have thought today” , has launched the opposition.


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