Thursday, October 28

Toni Cantó goes to reggaeton

“Dispute to the US the center of musical production in Spanish”. The words are by Isabel Díaz Ayuso and she spoke them this Friday from the Círculo de Bellas Artes, near the Puerta de Alcalá. The president of the Community of Madrid presented, a few meters from the Cervantes Institute, what will be the Office of Spanish, that address that she created ad hoc for Toni Cantó for 75,000 euros per year after he was left out of the PP lists in the elections on May 4. “Yes, we are ambitious,” Ayuso acknowledged in a row about the caliber of the feat that he entrusts to the former leader of Ciudadanos, before UPyD and long before a television actor. “Dispute the US – and specifically Miami, as the shooting had focused shortly before – the center of musical production in Spanish.” Ayuso aspires that reggaeton has its nerve center in Madrid and for this it must be taken away from Miami. Little joke.

The “ambition” is not small, as Ayuso recognized. But it is all the degree of difficulty that Cantó will face. The wish of the president of the Community of Madrid is to make Madrid the “European capital of Spanish.” And it does not seem that this is going to be a complicated task considering that Spanish in Europe is only the first language in Spain, worth the redundancy. “We want to be the European capital of Spanish, not the cradle of Spanish. […] If we compete with someone, it is with the other major European capitals, “Ayuso tried to quell the criticism that has arisen in other parts of the country against the personal project of the Madrid president.

But the appointment of this September 17 not only served to present the Office of Spanish, which had already been talked about a lot. The event had also been prepared to publicize what will be the first project of the organism of which Cantó said “the chiringuito is me. There is no other structure than me”: the first festival of Hispanidad. From September 28 to October 12, Madrid will organize the event that aims to be annual, and which will feature a program of about 80 activities, 17 concerts, conferences and exhibitions, as well as the participation of more than 250 artists.

“While there are populist governments (nationalist, indigenous, identity …) that are denying their citizens their best cultural legacy and violating their constitutional right to know and master Spanish, the Community of Madrid continues to work for the benefit of all: adding, including, welcoming ”, defended Ayuso during his speech.

In the case of Cantó, he has taken advantage of his intervention to praise the president of Madrid, the hand that feeds him. The actor did not miss the opportunity to once again praise the work of his new boss and talk about Madrid in the terms that he likes the most: “We are one of the safest, most egalitarian places, with better communications and with extraordinary health”, in addition to his defense of Spanish against those who want to end a language spoken by more than 600 million people in the world. Anyone would say it is threatened.

Cantó leaves with all these duties. But everything is under control. The work for which he pockets 75,000 euros per year leaves him time to carry out other tasks, and in addition to being the Madrid ambassador of Spanish to the world and a new reggaeton hunt, the actor can still find a gap to act as a teacher in the leadership course piloted by his former boss and former partner in the ranks, now retired from politics –at least for the moment–, Albert Rivera.