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Top 5 restaurants you should visit with your family this Yuletide season

I recall that when growing up, the Christmas season was the best season for me and I looked forward to it every year because it meant travelling, spending time with family, collecting Christmas gifts and Christmas money from my uncles and of course, that time my parents still used to buy Christmas clothes for me (now they say I can take care of myself, can you imagine?).

Christmas season was just generally a season to spread and show love and these times made my childhood a great one, and this is why I think this Yuletide season, you should spend time with your family. So as your plug, I’ll be plugging you to my Top 5 restaurants that you should visit with your family this season (trust me to also leave links to the videos down below). I’ll start with the least on my list (see what I did there? Lol );

5. Hua Han Lagos

The first time I visited this restaurant was so exciting for me and I’m never going to forget the experience because it was my first time trying out Korean meals. So if you are looking for something different, you should try Hua Han. Stepping into Hua Han will make you feel like you’re actually in Korea or China. If you
are a KPop or KDrama fan, you would love this. If you like Asian food, they have a Chinese and Korean restaurant so you would definitely love it. If your kids love Korean Drama or if they like Naruto, you should surprise them by taking them there. The ambience is nice, food is lovely and the cost is affordable, you can get a meal
and a drink from 10k upwards. Hua Han has restaurants in Ikeja and Oriental Hotel Victoria Island.

4. Burger King

You guys know how much I love this place and that’s because Burger King ticks all the boxes for me. The burgers are so delicious and creamy, the burgers are big and filling and it is quite affordable. This place is perfect for lunch with your kids, there’s also an ice cream spot in there and we all know that kids love ice cream. I would recommend Burger King to anyone because the prices are also very affordable, you can get a good burger from N1,500 and it even comes with fries, how amazing is that? So if you have not visited Burger King , please take Junior and your little princess there this season. You can check out my Mukbang on Burger King. I’ll drop a link below, it’ll help you decide on what burgers you can try out.

3. Bourbon House Cafe

I’ve never spoken about this place but this place has the best coffee in all of Lagos (slide into my DMs let’s argue it out, lol). Aside from the coffee, the food is really nice, service is good and the ambience is quite chilled. I have been to their restaurants in both Victoria Island and Ikeja. I love the VI restaurant more because it’s more spacious and there’s an indoor and outdoor spot. I also love the fact that their menu covers both continental and African dishes. They have meals for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, any meal of the day, so the menu can suit any occasion. You will spend a minimum of 11,000 on food and a cocktail here.

2. Black Pepper

This is the most expensive restaurant on my list but trust me it’s worth it. They have the best and juiciest steak in all of Lagos. Their ambience is amazing, service is A+, they also have the best cocktails. If you are looking for somewhere classy, this place is where you should visit. It is located in Eko Atlantic. If you have a large family or you’re planning something for your friends and family, try Black Pepper. You should budget at least N15k to N20k if you’d be visiting this restaurant.

1. Cactus Lakes

Cactus is still my number 1 restaurant right now. Their service is the best, their meals taste great, the meals are so yummy, they’ll leave so many beautiful sensations in your mouth. Do not even let me start with the ambience, the ambience is great, every section gives a different vibe, there’s an outdoor area where your kids can play. It’s the perfect setting for a family. Cactus is in Victoria Island Lagos. You can get a great meal and a drink or dessert for N15k at Cactus.

Conclusively, this is the best season to be with family and if you’re not with family this season, place a phone call to them or spend time with friends. If you try any of these restaurants, please let me know your thoughts. Thank you for reading this article, till next time again. Merry Christmas !!!

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