Sunday, August 7

Top Bitcoin Lightning Server Raises Millions And Wants To Hire You

The Umbrel company, developer of the operating system that allows users to have their own Lightning node with minimal configurations, has announced that it has completed a financing round for a total of USD 3 million. Along with this announcement, the company announced that it would be hiring new personnel in different areas.

The ad It was given by the company’s CEO, Mayank Chhabra, this October 28 through the company’s blog. In the statement he spoke a bit about the history of the company from the moment it decided to run its own Lightning node in 2019 to the present, which has led to the creation of Umbrel OS, the operating system developed by the company.

According to data from Umbrel, this software is active in 90% of the nodes put into operation in the last year.

The financing round had the participation of more than five investment firms along with other independent investors. Among them, curiously, is the name of Andreas Antonopoulos, a well-known popularizer of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

According to the CEO of Umbrel, with this new financing the starup aims to continue growing in different areas within the scope of the Lightning network. That is why they are looking for new staff for the areas of development, marketing, design, operations, business, community and support.

The interesting thing is that, within the ad, emphasize that the important thing to apply at Umbrel is “genuine love for their craft and the desire to do meaningful work” while credentials and titles “don’t matter.”

Umbrel and the personal node plug-and-play

Umbrel SO, according to data published within the announcement, is active in more than 13,000 bitcoin nodes, meaning almost half of all currently active nodes. These, according to data of the 1ML portal, the Lightning network has a total of 29,500 active nodes.

Umbrel’s growth, in part, may be due to its ease of use. Last August it became known as the old Lightning node manager became now an operating system, based on Linux, to manage both Lightning and Bitcoin nodes.

The Bitcoin Machine with Umbrel OS device costs between $ 429 and $ 559, which vary based on storage capacity. Source: The Bitcoin Machine.

With this evolution, at the beginning of October the news was known that Umbrel, together with the company The Bitcoin Machine, launched what would be a node plug-and-play.

This device allows anyone, with minimal technical knowledge, to have their own Lightning node and Bitcoin. When connecting, the user only has to download either the Bitcoin blockchain or the Lightning network (or both), and it will synchronize and begin to operate immediately.

Having a Bitcoin or Lightning node helps the growth of the network, as well as providing greater decentralization of it.