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Top Five Alternatives to Spotify You Should Consider | Digital Trends Spanish

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The controversy surrounding The Joe Rogan Experience podcast has led many users to consider migrating from Spotify to another music streaming service. What are the options? We select the five best alternatives to Spotify that you should consider.

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Comparison chart

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Service free tier Basic plan Premium Plan Family plan Students
Amazon Music HD No. (Amazon Music only) $15 dollars ($13 with Amazon Prime) $20 dollars
Apple Music Yes radio free $10 dollars $15 dollars $5 dollars.
Pandora Yes $5 dollars. $10 dollars $15 dollars $5 dollars.
Spotify Yes Free, with ads $10 dollars $15 dollars $5 dollars.
tide No $10 dollars $15 / $30 dollars $5 / $10 dollars
Youtube music yes, with warnings Free, with ads $10 dollars $15 dollars $5 dollars.

Amazon Music HD

Amazon Music HD gives you access to a catalog of 60 million songs in high definition and more than 2 million tracks in Ultra HD, plus a thousand titles in 3D for Amazon Echo Studio. For $15 per month ($12 if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber), you can also access offline streaming. If you prefer, you can opt for Amazon Music Unlimited ($10 and $8), although you won’t get HD music; or the free option Amazon Music Free, with ads.

Amazon Music

Apple Music

Apple Music is Apple’s music streaming service that gives you full access to any song, no matter where you are. It offers lossless high-resolution and spatial audio tracks at no cost. Available on Android and iOS, it costs $10 per month ($5 if you are a student) for a personal account. If you prefer, the family plan has a value of $15 dollars per month

Apple Music]

Youtube music

YouTube Music allows you to listen to music from YouTube, but without videos on screen. The only cumbersome thing is that, like its sister platform, you will hear ads that will interrupt the music, although for $10 a month you can avoid it. A subscription will also allow you to listen to your tracks in the background, you will be able to download tracks to enjoy them without an internet connection. The big “but” is the sound quality.

YouTube Music Premium


Pandora is a mainstay in the streaming world. The service selects personalized radio stations with advanced algorithms, based on a specific topic or artist. Just launch the app, drop in a song or artist, and let Pandora do the rest. If you want an ad-free experience, you can opt for a $5 subscription. For $10 USD, you can upgrade to the Premium version, which gives you the ability to choose individual tracks.


Tidal has over 25 million quality tracks, quick access to music videos, personalized suggestions and in-depth interviews from Jack White to Jay-Z. It has multiple subscription options, including Premium ($10/month) for the standard service and HiFi ($20/month) for lossless tracks. There are also discounts for family accounts, students and members of the United States military.

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