Tuesday, May 17

Tornado in the Czech Republic: “The situation is like war,” says the Minister of Health

Correspondent in Berlin



A tornado left a trail of devastation in the southeast of the Czech Republic. Only Hodonin Hospital reports around 200 wounded admitted on your plants. “Unfortunately, we can confirm that there was deathly victims, but we are not in a position to provide their exact number, “a spokesman reported this morning. It is too early to estimate, as people are still trapped under the rubble of collapsed houses. The rescue teams have not stopped working all night. In several villages roofs were covered, window panes were smashed, trees were overturned and cars parked on the street were blown up, according to the CT television channel. “The situation is like war,” said Health Minister Adam Vojtech.

Several buses capsized during the storm in southern Moravia, near the Austrian border, which is being reinforced with teams of firefighters, health workers and police officers from other regions of the country. All available forces are on the way to the region, has assured the Minister of the Interior, Jan Hamacek. “Everything that has arms and legs is going there right now.”

The first images of the air funnel spinning at high speed appeared on social media and the CHMU weather service later confirmed that it was a tornado. The communities of Hrusky, with almost 1,500 inhabitants, and Moravska Nova Ves, with around 2,600, were particularly affected.

The deputy mayor of Hruskys has told the CTK agency that half the town has been razed and that the surviving neighbors are clearing debris as fast as they can in search of missing people. «Only the walls remain, no roof, no windows», Has described. Several rescue teams with dogs have arrived in the area at dawn to continue their search. Firefighters go from house to house.

“There is great chaos here, great panic,” says a neighbor in the municipality of Luzice who was interviewed by a CT reporter. Many houses are said to be in danger of collapsing. The Police block the access roads to various places to keep the curious away. The inhabitants of South Moravia, known for its wine-growing regions, have also been held incommunicado throughout the night. The emergency lines were overloaded.

Hail the size of tennis balls fell on the counties of Breclav and Hodonin. Valtice Castle, a 17th-century Baroque building that is a World Heritage Site, has suffered millions of euros worth of damage. The D2 motorway, which runs from Brno to Breclav, is not yet passable because a high-voltage line has fallen onto the road. Around 32,000 households have been left without electricity as a result.

The Prague government is currently preparing army forces for a relief mission. Austria has sent 20 ambulances and two rescue helicopters to its neighbors, in addition to other troops sent to neighboring Slovakia, which has also needed help. Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis announced that due to the storm he would not be able to return by plane from Brussels, where he was attending an EU summit, and hopes to return this morning.

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