Friday, December 3

Total downward pressure for Siemens Gamesa

The actions of Siemens Gamesa They have fallen 33 percent so far this year and are the worst on the IBEX 35. Since the January highs at 38 euros, the collapse exceeds 45 percent and the downward pressure continues to be total.

The poor outlook for the sector due to the global supply crisis and cost inflation accelerated the falls in a value that is once again on target for possible corporate operations. But not even these prospects encouraged the price.

This is what Bloomberg cites this Monday, after collecting a report from Betaville which points to possible corporate movements among wind turbine manufacturers, and specifically in Siemens Gamesa.

The group started November in the worst possible way and had its worst trading week in twelve years, after the profit warning of its rival Vestas.

Recurring rumors at Siemems Gamesa

The truth is that after the fall that the shares of Siemens Gamesa, the favorable breeding ground for the park has been created, the opa drums are beating again, which are not new to the company either.

“We are not surprised that there are potential buyers who are analyzing or re-analyzing a possible acquisition of the company and that, therefore, rumors are triggered again,” said analysts at Banco Sabadell.

In any case, for this company “rumors of takeover are common”, or even of a possible operation on certain assets, both by Siemens Energy (which has 67 percent) and third-party groups, said the same sources.

In fact, at the end of December a possible interest in Siemens Gamesa by Asian manufacturers such as Shanghai Electric or Misubishi emerged.

And shortly before the summer, parent company Siemens was forced to confirm that it had no intention of launching an exclusion takeover bid on the Basque wind turbine manufacturer.

Growth, about to stagnate

The problem faced by Siemens Gamesa, and which has accelerated the correction in the stock market, are bottlenecks and supply interruptions, in addition to rising raw material prices.

Against this backdrop, the company’s growth “is about to stagnate,” Bloomberg Intelligence analysts told

According to these experts, revenue will shrink next year between 2 percent and 7 percent, which “seems to be a sign that the growth rate is not keeping up” with the pace demanded by the market. to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

In addition, the margin on ebit, one of the metrics that the market follows the most at Siemens Gamesa, also continues in intensive care.

The company expects it to be between 1 and 4 percent next year but “high steel prices and problems in the supply chain could continue to exert pressure for next year,” the sources consulted said.

Total downward pressure for Siemens Gamesa

After the Vestas scare, the group managed to recover the pulse in the stock market but not the levels prior to the profit warning of the Danish competitor. Although it recovered the psychological level of 20 euros, the outlook remains uncertain.

“The downward pressure is total, the average of 50 sessions is a very important resistance and does not allow a rise above 22 euros per share practically since last November 10,” said Darío García, an analyst at XTB.

In addition, the stock is in the upper part of the channel and “has an important additional downward pressure,” added this expert. In his opinion, “the easiest way is for the price to continue falling.”

In this case, García placed a first support would be at 21 euros, “or being even more pessimistic, 19 euros, which would mean a potential downward of 13 percent,” he added. Garcia.

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