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Total offensive by Movistar + and LaLiga against the broadcast of matches without permission: Justice agrees with them and website blocks soar

Telefónica owns the broadcasting rights of LaLiga and is also the one that takes the most measures to prevent football matches from being broadcast without permission on web pages. For many years, complaints and blocks of this type of pages have been made, but this year we have seen a significant leap in that task.

Following the request of the European Union to immediately block unauthorized transmissions of live sporting events, from Telefónica they carry out every week a request to all operators to immediately block more than 40 web pages that they retransmit without permission.

Website blocking has tripled from one year to the next

The League

Today we have known that The Commercial Court number 6 of Barcelona has agreed that the blocking measures of these websites be carried out on a weekly basis by Vodafone, Orange, MásMóvil (including R, Telecable, Euskaltel), DIGI and Telefónica España, which are currently the main Internet access operators in Spain. In other words, all operators block new web pages weekly that have been detected by Telefónica and LaLiga for infringing copyrights.

This judgment follows the line of the judgment of the Madrid commercial court that in February 2020 also allowed Telefónica to block these pages. The Spanish Justice again takes the side of copyright managers to expedite the complaint and the blocking of web pages, with the idea of ​​protecting the content that is legally retransmitted on platforms such as Movistar +.

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With the judgment of the Barcelona Court, LaLiga and Movistar + have the authorization to request, each week, the immediate blocking of new domains that they identify as linked to platforms without rights.

The number of website blocks has tripled in Spain since last year, as explained by Telefónica itself in its annual transparency report. If in 2019 they were 770, in 2020 they were 2,117. This last figure is of the order of 40 blocked web pages per week.

The offensive by rights managers against web pages that broadcast without permission again receives the support of the judges to continue this increasingly widespread practice.

Image | Lesly juarez