Wednesday, January 26

Total privacy: DuckDuckGo prepares a desktop browser | Digital Trends Spanish

DuckDuckGo, the company behind the ultra-secure internet search engine (or at least, safer than Google), has delivered a small preview of what will be its future desktop application: a web browser that wants to “redefine the expectations of online privacy ”.

The DuckDuckGo browser is not ready yet, but in the company blog a preview of what is to come was given. To start with, the browser will not be based on Chromium (the base of browsers such as Google’s Chrome), but will use an engine that is based on the functions of the operating system to display the web pages and the elements that compose it.

This approach is similar to that of the DuckDuckGo application for cell phones and will allow you to “eliminate a lot of unnecessary elements, which for years have accumulated in all the most popular web browsers”.

DuckDuckGo also promises a very simple interface, which will keep the button with a flame of fire that is already a classic of the mobile application and that serves to erase all traceable data instantly. In addition, another important factor is speed: according to the company, the first tests of the desktop browser have shown quite promising in that regard.

Anyway, DuckDuckGo says that this desktop application will not just be a glorified version of the private tabs of other browsers, but it will be an application that truly respects the privacy of the user and also protects it from all those who are attentive to it. what happens with browsing histories.

For now there is no release date for this DuckDuckGo desktop browser / application, but considering how good their mobile application ended up being, expectations of what they can do on Windows (and Mac?) Are already well. high.

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