Thursday, December 9

“Touch your boobs”, the message of the deputy Aina Vidal to women on the day against breast cancer

“I have cancer. A rare, extensive and aggressive one”, with these words the deputy of En Comú Podem, Aina Vidal, reported in January 2020 of the disease she suffered and for which she was withdrawn for months from the front line of politics . Vidal definitively returned to the hemicycle in October 2020 and this Tuesday, on World Breast Cancer Day, he wanted to send, from the press room of the Lower House, a message to all women: “Touch your boobs”

“I wanted to start by addressing all the women in this country telling them to please learn to touch their boobs. That is very important. It is a cry that is necessary. It is a matter of learning, which is even fun and can save our health and life. It is essential that all institutions participate in knowledge that saves lives. So, please: touch your breasts, “said the deputy.

Vidal had to make his illness public in January 2020 because his vote was fundamental in the investiture vote of Pedro Sánchez. He could not go to the Chamber on the day of the first vote, Sunday, January 5, 2020, but he did so on Tuesday, January 7. “On the 7th I will not fail. For nothing in the world would I miss an investiture that will be much more than a vote. We will win a government, one that will have the responsibility of living up to a feminist, environmentalist society that screams to recover social justice A government that puts life at the center, “he said then.

In addition, he assured to be “in good hands” and defended the work of the Public Health personnel: “I do not doubt that they will do everything they can, as for any other”.

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