Friday, December 3

Toyota announced to the Government that it will increase production and create 500 jobs

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas, and Ricardo Pignanelli, general secretary of the Union of Mechanics and Related Automotive Transport (Smata), official sources reported.

Toyota Argentina reported that it will increase the annual production capacity of its plant by 27,000 additional units from 2022.

After the meeting, Kulfas told reporters accredited to the Government House that the economic reactivation “is consolidating.” and he said that “increasing production with export output is more employment.”

The minister pointed out that “the zero export right gives more competitiveness to the industry, which will be consolidated with the automotive law, which is in Congress” for its treatment.

Kulfas highlighted the growth numbers of economic activity released today by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec), 1.2% in September and 11.6% year-on-year, and referred that “it exceeds the levels of 2018 and 2019 and recovers part of the ground lost in the last stage of the government of (Mauricio) Macri “.

The official stressed with this “the double crisis, that of the coronavirus and that of 2018, is beginning to emerge,” and pointed out that these numbers with “a genuine reactivation that began last year with industry and construction, and that this year energy was added, with Vaca Muerta, and with the agricultural season.”

The minister added that he will continue “with the services sector, which was the hardest hit but began to recover in August, with tourism, and that they will have a year-end offsetting all that was lost in the pandemic.

Kulfas he predicted a growth this year “above 9%” of the GDP, “close to 10%”, although he clarified that there is still “to see the projections”.

For its part, Herrero highlighted “the work done by this round table made up of the Government, the union and the company” and reported that the company will increase its production capacity “from 140,000 to 167,000 units in 2022,” which implies incorporating 500 new jobs at the Zárate plant more than 1000 in the value chain “.

“Raise our level of exports, which this year will be close to 3 billion dollars in 500 million dollars more for next year,” said the businessman, noting that “Japan has many expectations about Argentina, it is optimistic in terms of its future, and the demand for Pick up in the entire Latin American market is growing “and said that” the idea is to supply it from Argentina and not from Thailand. “

The company “will guarantee six days of production at the Zárate plant,” while the operators “will work five days with two days off,” Herrero explained, “which will generate these 500 jobs that will begin in January,” he said.

The executive said that the President was “undoubtedly very happy” because “it is very good news” that “talks about job creation, talks about the future of the industry in Argentina”, and that “shows that proposing dialogue and consensus to seek positive solutions for Argentina is the example of this that occurred.”

Production increase

In a statement, the company said that “to respond to a growing demand in the region for the Hilux and SW4 models that the company produces in Zárate, Toyota it will accelerate the pace of production with the incorporation of 500 new direct jobs “.

The company highlighted that “this increase also translates into the creation of around 1,000 new positions in the value chain, made up of more than 260 suppliers and sub-suppliers of auto parts and components in the country.”

“The increase in production capacity is the result of joint work and constant dialogue with unions, suppliers and government authorities from different jurisdictions, who share the objective of strengthening the Argentine automotive industry and promoting development,” the terminal remarked. .

Regarding its external sales, the company emphasized that “80% of Toyota Argentina’s production is exported to 23 countries in Latin America, thanks to a specialization strategy that favors the commercial surplus of the operation.”

Since the beginning of its activities in 1997, Toyota has produced more than 1,500,000 units, of which more than a million were exported to the region.

During 2021, the company will reach its historical production record, with 146,000 units in total. In this way, the company is consolidated as the first automotive company in production, in exports and also in sales in the domestic market.

“This new investment by Toyota shows the company’s confidence in the opportunities presented by Argentina and Latin America,” the Japanese company concluded.

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