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TP-Link Deco X60: the mesh system to have Wi-Fi 6 at home | Digital Trends Spanish

For those who are already considering a mesh connection system, the best thing is that it is compatible with Wi-Fi 6, since it will be prepared to receive the latest generation devices that are being integrated into the home —in addition to the current ones—, such as media players, laptops, and smart phones. One that I found interesting is the TP-Link Deco X60, of which I will tell you its strengths once I tried it for weeks.

The Deco series is characterized by offering mesh systems (some already compatible with Alexa and other assistants). The so-called teams mesh they are made up of a router main, connected to the provider’s modem, and other secondary ones that are placed around the rooms of the house, in order to have a stable and powerful coverage at any point.

Another of their advantages is that they create a single wireless network, that is, they remove the annoyance of looking for the one that gives the best signal in a given space.

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Experience with the TP-Link Deco X60

Over the months and especially in confinement, I realized that my local internet connection evolved. At first, an extender was enough because I only cared that there was good coverage in the living room and in the main room. Of course, sometimes it was necessary to switch between the different networks created with the intention of finding the one with the best power.

There was also the disadvantage of having a bad experience in a video call, when the signal emitted by the extender was not as accurate in certain spaces.

Later, I had the opportunity to test mesh systems, although some of them without the characteristic of being compatible with Wi-Fi 6. In any case, these do represent an evolution in terms of connectivity, since they create a more solid and unified coverage .

Specifically with the Deco X60, which is compatible with this technology, it is ideal for those who are integrating more and more smart devices into their home, from a simple plug to a screen. The basic package two-piece can be enough to cover a total space of 460 square meters; one of the routers It should be placed next to the modem, while the other can be put upstairs in the idea of ​​having better efficiency, for example. The phone or the tablet they automatically connect to the fastest Deco (this applies to all devices, actually).

TP-Link Deco X60

In the 5 GHz frequency, speeds of up to 2.402 Mbps could be had, while in the 2.4 GHz, of up to 574 Mbps. And for a better distribution of the gadgets In terms of connectivity, TP-Link equipment enables up to six simultaneous data streams, four of 5 GHz and two of 2.4 GHz.

Just for clarity, while some electronics are compatible with both of the aforementioned frequencies, others only accept 2.4 GHz.

The Deco X60 also ensures ultra-low latency, which means having online video games or video calls on platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom without interruptions, with greater responsiveness.

Regarding security, there are two aspects that distinguish it: WPA3 encryption, which has new capabilities to improve cybersecurity in personal networks, and HomeShield, a package with parental functions, network scanning in order to have a greater performance and security, and the ability to set high-priority devices (more bandwidth is assigned), among other tools.

As it happens with others routers of its kind, the configuration and administration of the X60 is carried out through the Deco application, which also shows all connected devices and a black list (devices blocked from the network), as well as letting you know if there are any software updates. for the system and create a guest network (access without password).

TP-Link Deco App

The good news is that if more coverage is needed, the app makes it easy to add other Decos. For this analysis, I added a pair of X20So there was a time when I was four routers linked, two in the lower silver and the others in the next level, all of them responding to a single wireless network for a better user experience.

It can be said that the X20, also compatible with Wi-Fi 6, offer a similar experience to the X60, only that the former give a total speed of up to 1,800 Mbps and are designed for a space of up to 371 square meters. In any case, it is appreciated that they can be used together.

Those who wonder how many devices can be connected to the Deco X60, TP-Link indicates that up to 150, so they may be needed gadgets at home to make them reach their maximum capacity. Indirectly or directly, there were times when around 15 devices were linked, including cell phones, screens, computers, video game consoles and multimedia players, which presented a stable and good quality signal.


TP-Link Deco X60

The Deco X60 is presented as a flexible solution, easy to configure and of the highest quality, by being able to link other routers of the type and offer the latest in connectivity in commercial terms, that is, Wi-Fi 6.

The circular design, resembling a speaker intelligent, it adapts to any type of decoration. Also, due to its price and coverage, it competes solidly with solutions such as Amazon eero and Nest Wifi.

Again, the X60 is ready for today’s “tech ecosystem” of people and also ready to host all the next-generation devices that are thought to be purchased later.

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