Friday, December 3

Trade balance of the Eurozone contracted in September by 69.7%

The positive balance of the euro area trade balance contracted in September by 69.7% compared to the same month last year, up to 7,100 million euros, according to data on international trade in goods published this Monday by Eurostat, the community statistical office.

Specifically, lhe exports of goods from the euro zone to the rest of the world rose by 10%, up to 209.3 billion euros, while imports advanced 21.6%, standing at 202,000 million. The commercial activity of the euro partners experienced an increase of 16.4%, to 191,500 million.

Regarding the activity registered in the first nine months of the year, andhe euro area trade surplus fell 12.8% to 131.9 billion euros. Exports until September grew by 14.7%, to 1,775 billion, and imports stood at 1,643 billion, 17.7% more. Commercial activity among euro partners in the period grew by 19.7%, to 1.580 trillion.

On your side, the European Union (EU) trade balance plummeted in September by 97.9%, up to 500 million euros.

Exports from the EU bloc to the rest of the world advanced 9.4%, up to 186,900 million, while imports stood at 186,400 million, 26.5% more than a year ago.

In the first nine months of 2021, EU exports and imports grew by 13.5% and 18.2%, to 1,589 and 1,497 billion euros, respectively. In that period, the Twenty-seven registered a trade surplus of 92,000 million, 31.4% less, while the commercial activity among them grew 19.6%, up to 2.487 trillion.

EThe United States remained the country to which the EU directed the most exports until September, with 290,300 million, 11.5% more. Behind were the United Kingdom, with 207.2 billion (+ 4.5%) and China, with 165.700 million (+ 14.1%). In turn, the Twenty-Seven imported goods mainly from China (331,500 million), the United States (167,100 million) and Russia (108,200 million).

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