Sunday, December 5

TradingView: Analysts predict correction for the entire cryptocurrency market

After a great week with testing at 67k, BTC already retreats back to support at 60k dollars and there it is. Who will lead the fight? Meanwhile Shiba fixes strong after a week of intense high. Check out TradingView analyst studies.

William SAC

A BTC dominance follows in correction as well as the price of the BTC.

At the moment it is working on a support, which shows us two situations, first the dominance could pullback 0.5 Fibonacci at 46.06, or it could break the support confirming the fall, as the RSI it is pointing out sales force, to That situation we have two possible test points the first is at 43.55 and the second is at 42.41, both are projected using the Fibonacci retracement.

The current candlestick is showing a strong rejection of the last 2 days’ attempts and is below the 21-period average, this along with the data from the RSI , already mentioned above, gives us strong possibilities for the downward movement to follow. (See more reviews on Dominance).

Gabriel Fauth

Bitcoin sought to target the surge wave in 63250 and even advanced a little further in the week of launching ETFs in the USA. After two gulps (the 21st and 26th) the discharge rejection becomes clear, or probably achievement after a great week for the BTC.

The Short is open at the loss of 60k and I believe it should seek 53k, a 20% correction (default), confluent with 50% of the fibo. Just below we still have the 61% fibo (50000 or 25% correction) which I think should not be lost at all, otherwise we are back in a region of strong liquidity and little buying advantage.

USD 63300 is the Pivot As a result of my analysis’s invalidation, the break of this point indicates a strong buying rebound and a new test at the historical top is imminent. I hasten to point out that I see an uptrend as long as it is above 40k. Weekly support is at 30800. (See the full review).

Patrick Stefanini

After so many bars of indecision, we finally exited the weekly bullish channel. Even with That fall, most of the candlestick is wick, which demonstrates a certain balance between forces.

I left the support zone in which the Alice coin if it is, we also have a zone with low liquidity just below, “a hole”. So if we were to lose current support, we’re likely to see Alice between 8.07 and 5.98. If we lose current support, the new 5-wave count up would be invalidated. (More about ALICE).

Cryptocurrency Traders Bets

the price of the pair SHIB/USDT broke its historic top ( ATH ) in $0.00005000 with force and volume, being now in an empty chart upwards in search of ever higher tops, with still potential for appreciation since the break of its historic top ( ATH ) of 200% which would make the SHIB price reach the value of $0.00015,000, with the indicators below as RSI over 50 and the MACD in the positive field indicating the trend direction in favor of continued bullishness and the averages of 50 (blue line) and 100 (yellow line) supporting the trend direction on the 4H chart. (See the dynamic chart).

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Our Authors: William SAC, Gabriel Fauth, Patrick Stefanini e Cryptocurrency Traders Bets.