Friday, January 28

TradingView: Cryptocurrencies have lost 30% since their peak

Cryptocurrencies have accumulated a 30% decline since their heyday, bringing liquidations from poorly positioned investors. Investors are more cautious as the market signals uncertainty.

Gabriel Fauth

Looking back from the beginning of the year until now, it’s remarkable how good we’ve had a good year for cryptocurrencies, as Total Market Capitalization has grown 200% this year including the BTC, and one of the coolest factors is to see this in such a volatile market, which dropped almost 50% in approximately 15 days.

When we stop talking about BTC to speak of the other currencies, these numbers are even higher, the altcoins, represented here by the TOTAL2 (sem BTC , with ETH) and TOTAL3 (without both), managed to gain more than 500% of Cap. until the day of publication. It is important to see that new projects are emerging and receiving strong support although 40% of the capital is still with the Bitcoin.

It is important to highlight how TOTAL3 still performs better than ETH and this is due to the immense volatility in projects and small currencies. This shows us how important it is to diversify the portfolio in order to be positioned at the right time.

I conclude that this is a market that rewards the patient, just like in stocks and in all other markets, small and periodic investment strategies work well in this type of market. (See full review).

Hugo Carpegianny

We see the formation of a buy trap above the mm50 that formed late last week. What does that mean?

Many traders came to sell because they believed there was resistance to this average. Causing them a real trap.

This causes your stop loss to be activated, taking the price of the Bitcoin up. Should the price break last week’s high, it has stronger confirmation of the price increase as it forms the pattern of Dave Landry’s setup. When making a Fibonacci projection we see that prices could reach the price of 80 thousand dollars. (More about Bitcoin).

José Renato CNPI-T

The short-term bullish structure of the BTC it breaks and has a strong bearish move in an attempt to violate the base of the bullish move. The structure still remains in a realization region. For any long position, it is essential to wait for the defensive movement to be carried out, while the asset continues to consolidate macro. Bearish structure may still continue in narrow channel and violate 39.5k lows. The macro context of the asset remains in consolidation. (See the video).

Allan Jhones

The price of ETH after respecting the support at 4k made a great rebound yesterday and reached 4400, where is the 200-period moving average on the H4 chart and a break at this point could cause ETH to stretch further in search of the strongest resistance that will ever be the historic top region. In case of a correction in the market, the 4250 range will be a good support, but the expectation is bullish if it confirms the break with the 200 average. (See ideas about ETH).

Coat Luffy

SOL currency followed the movement of BTC and is now making an upward move in the upper region of this bearish channel. Line MACD also rehearses the signal line crossing, indicating bullishness. If we break this channel, we could see the beginning of a return movement, having as the next test the US$206 – US$214 region, where the Fibo 0.5 and 0.618 meet, respectively. (Analysis on Solana).

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Our Authors: Gabriel Fauth, Hugo Carpegianny, José Renato CNPI-T 2704, Allan Jhones e Coat Luffy.