Saturday, November 26

Tragedy on the Canarian route: one deceased and 26 missing, including several babies, after the overturning of a boat

One person has died and around 26 have disappeared in the Atlantic when a boat with 61 occupants was shipwrecked 245 kilometers south of Gran Canaria, when a Spanish rescue ship was heading to its aid, as confirmed by a spokeswoman for Salvamento Marítimo and the activist Helena Maleno, spokesperson for the group Caminando Fronteras.

Maleno explained that they were able to speak by phone with the occupants of the boat while they were still afloat and that they provided them with several GPS positions that revealed that they had lost their way and were heading south.

The NGO spokeswoman has indicated that for now she does not know what happened to the boat, but she has also warned that, based on the information that her group is receiving from the families, among the disappeared there are numerous women and several babies.

Likewise, the Emergency and Security Coordination Center of the Government of the Canary Islands (CECOES 1-1-2) confirms to Canarias Now that at this time 114 people and one deceased are transferred to the port of Arguineguín, all of them from the three vessels that they were intercepted between the afternoon of Monday and the first hours of this Tuesday in waters near the Canary Islands. The estimated time of arrival is at 10:20 am.

This Monday, March 25, the Guardamar Calíope rescued 80 people of sub-Saharan origin -including 17 women and four children- in two inflatable boats located more than 70 kilometers from the south of Gran Canaria, according to Salvamento Marítimo.

The Calliope found these two boats after being mobilized to search for a small boat that had supposedly left Bojador (Sahara) with some 61 people on board and that finally capsized in the ocean.

While this operation was underway, with the support of the Sasemar 103 plane, the National Rescue Center received a phone call made by the occupants of a small boat with fifty people on board, asking for help and facilitating their position.

On the way to those coordinates, the Guardamar Calliope found another zodiac with 33 people (29 men, two women and two minors). Shortly after, he found the boat that had asked for help by phone, in which 47 people were traveling (30 men, 15 women and two children).