Monday, May 29

Trailer for ‘Moon Knight’: The new Marvel series arrives in March, which promises an Oscar Isaac unleashed between hallucinations and nightmares

Brimming with hallucinations, lack of sleep, action and dubious realities comes the First trailer for ‘Moon Knight’, with which Disney + also reveals its release date: March 30In just over two months. In it we already clearly see the suit of the mysterious main character, very faithful to the comics, and an Oscar Isaac as the total center of the action.

Moon Knight, or Caballero Luna, as he has been commonly known in Spanish comics, has had different incarnations and versions, from a gloomy Egyptian demigod to an urban vigilante clearly inspired by Batman. What this new Disney + series offers us is Marc Spector as a victim of a personality dissociation disorder, which will lead him to find himself in the middle of a war where Egyptian deities are involved.

The moon and the moon

Among the best-known names accompanying Oscar Isaac, fresh from the adaptation of ‘Dune’ by Denis Villeneuve, is Ethan Hawke, here exploiting his most disturbing and unbridled side. It gives life, so it lets you see this progress, leader of a sect who will try to take advantage of the disturbances in reality that Spector experiences.

Behind the series is Jeremy Slater, creator of ‘Umbrella Academy’ and the fantastic television adaptation of ‘The Exorcist’. Among the directors of some of the episodes are the very appropriate Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, directors of ‘Infinity’ and some episodes of the recent ‘File 81’ on Netflix.