Tuesday, November 28

Trailer for ‘Raised by Wolves 2’: returns to HBO Max one of the most risky and sinister bets of current science fiction

just a couple of weeks before the premiere of the second season of the series produced by Ridley Scott, on February 4, HBO Max shows a new trailer that makes it clear that this sinister and bleak science-fiction series retains all the elements that attracted attention in its first year. The mortuary aesthetic, the heavy and lethal rhythm, the extreme and desperate characters… ‘Raised by Wolves’ is back and not exactly loaded with fun.

In the first season we met Mother and Father, two sophisticated androids whose mission was to populate a planet with human children. Mother and Father are part of one of the two factions that confront the terrestrials, divided into two extremes of spiritual beliefs: the atheists and the devotees of the Sun God. When some believers land on the planet, the homicidal instincts and the devastating powers of Mother.

raised by robots

In this new season, as you can see in the preview, there will be new characters and even stranger places, after the already very explosive and bizarre conclusion of the first year. Mother, Father and their six children join a newly formed atheist colony in a tropical area of the planet. Problems will soon arrive, and from within the family: it will be their “natural” son who threatens the extinction of humans.

We can see in the trailer creatures that seem almost out of a horror movie, new androids and new scenarios, as the synopsis promises. Although it is also clear that the core of this series created by Aaron Guzikowski (‘Prisoners’) remains intact thanks to the powerful symbolic ingredient of Mother and Father, both eager to build a normal family (with all the quotes in the world).