Friday, December 3

Transfero Group announces creation of cryptocurrency broker in Brazil

Transfero Group, a company based in Zug (Switzerland), announced this Thursday (4) the creation of a cryptocurrency brokerage in Brazil.

This company is already known by Brazilians for being the creator of stablecoin Brazilian Digital Token (BRZ), which, according to Transfero, is the largest in the world not linked to the Dollar. In Real pair this currency is only listed on Nova Dax, but in other pairs it is available for trading on Bittrex, and FTX.

The new platform is announced amid a boom in cryptocurrencies in Brazil, which has seen Bitcoin double in value in recent months.

Transfero Group announces launch of cryptocurrency broker in Brazil

In a publication by LinkedIn this Thursday (4), Transfero explained more about its new cryptocurrency trading platform, which arrives listing Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), USDCoin (USDC), USD Tether (USDT) , in addition to BRZ, created by the company itself.

Called Transfero Crypto, this platform will aim to democratize access to digital assets, especially for those who do not have experience in this area.

According to CEO Thiago Cesar, this platform will help give more visibility to a growing market.

“Blockchain technology and cryptoactives are revolutionizing the financial sector. Transfero’s objective is to democratize access to these digital assets and the creation of the platform will be the gateway for those who want to invest in cryptoactives, but still don’t know where to start”.

To buy cryptocurrencies with this platform, the statement explains that the process will be simple, being done in just three steps: deposit, convert and withdraw.

Customers will not be charged cryptocurrency trading fees or bank transfer fees.

Whoever registers first will earn 100 BRZ

To start the journey with the new platform, Transfero guarantees that the first users of its cryptocurrency broker will earn 100 BRZ, which can be used to carry out the first transactions on the platform.

Already present in countries such as Argentina and Chile, the expectation is that this brokerage will soon serve all of Latin America, competing with other large players that are expanding rapidly.

The company has been active in the B2B segment of digital assets for five years, but now it takes another step in the market, with the CEO promising an easy-access platform for beginners.

“The market can be seen as complex for those who have never had contact with it, which ends up being a barrier for those who want to take the first step in investing, but have difficulty dealing with different transaction mechanisms. That’s why Transfero created a simple system, including three main functions for those starting out: deposit, convert and withdraw”.