Tuesday, June 6

Transfers 3.0 exceeded two million transactions in less than two months

In addition, daily interoperable transactions reached a peak of 79,000 on January 7, “the daily maximum recorded”, the Central Bank remarked, further noting that “full interoperability between wallets and acceptors is enabling greater use of digital payments by users.”

Transfers 3.0 is an innovative scheme implemented by the Central Bank, based on a new open and universal digital payments ecosystem, which facilitates access to digital payments.

“Only with a mobile phone, with any virtual or bank wallet that reads QR codes, payments can be made with transfers both from bank accounts with CBU and from payment service provider accounts with CVU,” the BCRA remarked, adding that ” transfer payments are accessible, efficient and safe, thus avoiding the use of cash, and it is not necessary to have a debit card”.

Lastly, the Central Bank statement stated that “the new open and universal ecosystem also stimulates greater competition between the players in the system which, in turn, results in better conditions for both users and businesses.”