Thursday, December 7

Trap singer Cecilio G, arrested at Sónar after an assault

The singer Cecilio G was reduced, retained and later arrested yesterday afternoon by the Mossos d’Esquadra and security guards in the backstage of the Sónar festival, in the Sónar Día program next to the Plaza de España in Barcelona, ​​as can be seen in a video posted on Open Metropolis.

The trap musician is not part of the Sónar lineup and, according to sources from the festival organization, therefore, he did not have the right to access this restricted area, which is only for artists and workers. Therefore, when he was detected there, he was invited to leave her, although the musician “reacted violently.” For this reason, he called the security service to make him leave that area.

The security guards who attended the call “tried to calm him down,” according to Sergio Sánchez, one of those who intervened in the resolution of the altercation, told “But he gave a colleague a right hand and broke his lip,” says Sánchez, who also acts as a spokesman for the ADN Sindical private security union. The security guard assures that the artist was “violent” and put some shackles on him waiting for the arrival of the Mossos d’Escuadra. This security body was notified at 9:30 p.m. because Cecilio G was “in a very agitated situation.” During the performance of the Mossos, one of them is attacked, as confirmed by the body to this newspaper.

A security guard is also attacked. “He threatens us with death, spits on us and injures himself by slashing his face on the ground, which is rough,” says Sánchez. The arrest was witnessed by a group of people, including festival workers and friends of the aggressor. It was recorded by one of these people and spread.

The Mossos report that the singer was arrested for attacking law enforcement agents.

The private security service that acts at the festival indicates that its intervention is carried out due to a situation of harassment of a woman in the Starbucks cafeteria, which is located in the Plaza de España outside the festival site, but Mossos sources report that they are not aware of any complaint or information in this regard, nor in the organization of the festival.

The Barcelona artist went to jail in 2018 due to a conviction for threats following an incident on the subway in 2015. The ragpicker was sent to prison as he had a record for a robbery with force in 2013.