Wednesday, October 5

Trapero delivers the Mossos medal to his lawyer and his collaborators in the trial for 1-O

The major of the Mossos d’Esquadra, Josep Lluís Trapero, has delivered this Friday the medals that the body has awarded to his lawyer, Olga Tubau, and to the team of collaborators who accompanied him in the sedition trial he faced in the Audiencia Nacional, of which he was acquitted in the sentence that was published a year ago.

In the traditional act for the Dia de les Esquadres, patron of the Catalan police, Trapero has awarded ten medals to the team that supported him during the trial. In addition to her lawyer, the head of the legal department of the Catalan police, Mari Pau Martí; the exporter of the body and now spokesperson for the Government, Patricia Plaja; and former number two of Trapero, currently head of security for FC Barcelona, ​​Ferran López.

All of them were in most sessions of the trial held at the headquarters of San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) of the National Court. The rest of the winners have been “members of the police delegation that provided support throughout the judicial process”, sources from the Mossos have indicated.

The Mossos have thanked the winners for their work in preparing the trial and accompanying the major in a three-year judicial process until an acquittal that “reflected the professionalism, neutrality and honorability of the body.” According to the Mossos, it is “a recognition of an entire police force, which today closes a stage, and its members.”

Trapero asks for “respect”

In his speech, Trapero has denounced the rise of “worrying behaviors of intolerance” against the police endorsed by some sectors. The major has claimed that the police have shown in the pandemic that they are “essential” public servants and that they only ask for “respect, not submissive attitudes or fears that have already been overcome from the police.”

The major’s words come the day before a demonstration called by the police unions to denounce the lack of political support from the Generalitat in the face of the attacks received in the last bottles of the summer and the demonstrations. And in the Parliament in the coming weeks the commission on the police model will be launched, which some sectors of the autonomous police view with concern and as a questioning of the body.

The major has denounced that in recent times there have been “not generalized behaviors, not quantitatively relevant, but violent group behaviors that express a worrying intolerance” against the police. At the same time, the major has abounded, from some sectors the violence against the agents is “temporized” and in some public debates “whoever throws a stone at the police is awarded the title of activist.”

“What is it about wanting to change the world by throwing stones at the police or burning containers?” Emphasized Trapero, who has not spared far-reaching reflections on public space, the right to demonstrate and police action.

“We understand that the exercise of the right to rally and demonstration has to bother, because if not, they are not such, this is how our societies have advanced, it is what our parents did to get schools, health centers, municipal markets and a thousand things. But I ask myself: What is it about changing the world by throwing stones at the police or burning containers? What is this new paradigm and what is transformative and revolutionary about it? “, stated Trapero.

In his speech, the Minister of the Interior, Joan Ignasi Elena, has closed ranks with the Mossos and has promised that the “unacceptable attacks” that the body has suffered do not go “unpunished”. The event featured a recorded video of the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, who assured that the Government is “next to” the Mossos.