Saturday, April 1

Trapero’s new destination: he will be in charge of evaluating the Mossos’ devices

After more than a month waiting for his destination, the Secretary General of the Interior, Oriol Amorós, has informed Josep Lluís Trapero that his new role in the Mossos will be that of head of the Services Evaluation Division (DAS). His new task will be to analyze the functioning of the police devices, according to what he has advanced The newspaper.

The major made it clear from the beginning that due to his rank he could not be separated from the functions of a police command, in his case, the highest that exists in the Mossos. Hence, he rejected the option that was initially proposed to him, that of dedicating himself to the “analysis” of security, an ‘ad hoc’ position that would have kept him away from day-to-day activities. Trapero reminded the political leaders of the department that his new assignment should be linked to police operations and fit into the professional category that he holds. The new plaza fits both requirements.

Trapero was dismissed on December 20 as head of the Mossos and the argument put forward by the Minister of the Interior, Joan Ignasi Elena, was that a “renewal” and new leadership was needed in the Catalan police. The opposition parties denounced that the replacement of Trapero, as well as thirty other police officers, including the person in charge of Investigation, responds to a purge and to political interests that have little to do with the operation of the Mossos. PSC, PP, Ciudadanos and Vox have requested that an investigation commission be created in Parliament to clarify the reasons for the changes in the police leadership.

The major occupies a provisional office in the Plaza España police station in Barcelona, ​​and in principle, once he takes up his new responsibilities, he will move to the one located in Les Corts.