Monday, May 16

Travel to the US: Mexicans must check their vaccination schedule when arriving by ferry or by land

Since Saturday, January 22, the US authorities have demanded proof of vaccinationna them foreign who seek to enter U.S on the northern and southern border of that country, either by land entrances or ferry terminals, US authorities reported.

The new restriction announced last Thursday will not apply to US citizens, legal residents or US citizens, officials have clarified. U.S.

The new requirement facilitates safe trade as well as cross-border travel that is critical to the US economy, said US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas.

Thus, the Mexicans traveling to the United States, from now on they must verbally certify their state of vaccination against him COVID-19 and provide proof of this, as well as the passport.

The US authority clarified that in this process it will not be necessary for visitors to take any COVID tests.