Saturday, September 18

Travelers on a bus trapped in the Cobisa flood (Toledo), evacuated by the Civil Guard

The hangover comes due to the strong storms that yesterday affected Toledo city and several surrounding towns. The Civil Guard has provided service during the storm, carrying out several rescues of injured people and vehicles. Countless people and vehicles were assisted in the different localities affected by the storm, accounting for at least 37 rescues of people evacuated and brought to safety in the different locations affected by the storm. From 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 1, the Central Operative of Services (COS) of the Civil Guard of Toledo began to answer the first calls from people who required help due to the torrential rains and floods, both in homes and in vehicles immobilized by water.

“If necessary, I travel all night”: a tireless crane operator in the floods of Toledo

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The main affected populations where the Civil Guard provided assistance were Argés, Burguillos, Cobisa, Guadamur, Layos, Nambroca, Polán, Pulgar, Torrecilla de la Jara and San Martín de Montalbán. Faced with the multitude of calls and notices, the Civil Guard dispatched several Citizen Security patrols from other territorial companies such as Ocaña and Illescas in order to reinforce assistance and guarantee the provision of relief to the population. In total, yesterday, until 10:00 pm, 494 calls were received and answered through the COS of the Toledo Civil Guard.

The agents of the Civil Guard of Citizen Security, the Nature Protection Service and the Traffic Group carried out innumerable assistance services to the affected vehicles and the people trapped inside, draining water in homes, cleaning sewers or accompaniment of medical services to the place where they were required. All this, added to at least 37 humanitarian aid in the different affected localities of people evacuated and placed in a safe place.

Among the actions, it is worth mentioning the support provided at kilometer point 0.500 of the TO-23, with at least 40 vehicles injured by a pool of water, the agents having to cut the road in both directions and rescuing together with the rest of the services of emergencies, Toledo Firefighters, Security Forces and Civil Protection Bodies to the people who had been trapped inside.

In the town of Cobisa, the agents helped two elderly people, 68 and 67 years old and of French nationality, creating a human chain and holding on to a rope to avoid being carried away by the water. Also, in the same town, the Civil Guard rescued numerous people from inside their vehicles who had been trapped inside them, with the impossibility of forcibly leaving the flood, like a mother with her minor children or the driver of a bus with a traveler with functional diversity, who was very nervous and scared.

Floods caused by storm drags cars in Cobisa (Toledo)

Other notable actions took place in Torrecilla de la Jara, with the help of a person with a disability at their home, and in San Martín de Montalbán, with the assistance of two elderly patients who were ill due to flooding at their home.


The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Rosa Ana Rodríguez, has indicated that today the first phase of cleaning the centers affected by the flood will be undertaken. Rodríguez has indicated that “the most important thing is to convey to the educational community that we are intervening to make it possible for the centers to be available on September 9 (date on which the students are incorporated into the classrooms). They are going to act urgently and quickly when responding to the consequences caused by the flood and they are going to put all the material and human resources that are necessary to be able to make the center return to normal ”.

On the other hand, the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Rosa Ana Rodríguez, has indicated that at the moment there are three affected educational centers, both in Toledo: the IES ‘Princesa Galiana’ and the CEIP ‘Ciudad de Aquisgrán’; and the CEIP ‘Victorio Macho’, from the town of Burguillos. There are also two affected centers in Tarancón, although to a lesser extent: the CEIP ‘Gloria Fuertes’ and the IESO ‘Luisa Sigea’. Rodríguez has indicated that we must wait to carry out a more exhaustive analysis, because sometimes some problems come up later. Cleaning work is already underway so that the start of the school year, scheduled for September 9, can be carried out normally.

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