Wednesday, December 6

TREA AM closes 2021 with 6,250 million euros in managed assets

At the end of last year, TREA AM reached a volume of managed assets of 6,250 million euros, which represents a percentage increase of 18% compared to the end of the previous year, an increase greater than the 15.7% in which the industry grew in that period, according to Inverco data. Its growth strategy allowed it to increase its managed assets by 950 million euros throughout the year.

This volume of assets under management consolidates TREA AM as one of the main Spanish independent fund managers and endorses the business model of the company, specialized in creating tailored investment solutions for institutional clients.

The increase in the volume of assets managed by TREA AM in the past year has also been accompanied by the improvement in profitability obtained through active management. 75% of the assets managed by TREA AM in its different investment funds were in the first quartile of return and 84% of the assets between the first and second quartiles, according to information from Morningstar. The quartile shows the relative position of a mutual fund against other funds in the same category. The first quartile means that it is among the top 25% returners in that category.

This evolution of the main TREA AM indicators in 2021 has been achieved in a complex macroeconomic environment, with an unprecedented increase in inflation in the last 40 years both in the US and in Europe, which affected different types of financial market assets differently.

“The most affected, in this case negatively, was the fixed income market and especially that of public debt. By contrast, equity markets performed very well, with 2021 being one of the best periods on record in recent years. Despite this good performance of the equity markets, the year was not exempt from volatility and dispersion between the different countries and sectors”, point the ‘2021, year 1 after Covid-19’ report that TREA AM prepares for its clients.

Despite this scenario, Active and flexible management has allowed TREA AM to end the year with positive returns in all its fixed income and variable income funds.

antonio_munoz_trea_amRegarding prospects for 2022, Antonio Muñoz, CEO of TREA AM, underlines: “After an outstanding year, the challenge is to improve it; In that sense, I am convinced that we have the equipment for it. In the DNA of Trea AM is to continue growing, after exceeding 6,000 million under management, our goal is to reach 10,000 million in five years through our traditional products and, of course, at the forefront of alternatives”.