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Treasury argues that Sandro Rosell had “fraud spirit” and did not pay 230,000 euros of personal income tax

First of the two trials that the former president of FC Barcelona Sandro Rosell awaits this course. The businessman has sat on the bench of the accused, from where he has heard how the Treasury technicians argued that his “fraud spirit” led him not to pay 230,000 euros in personal income tax in 2012.

The trial, which will be seen for sentencing this Monday afternoon, was Rosell’s return to a courtroom after spending 643 days in preventive detention and finally being acquitted of criminal organization and money laundering.

The businessman, who finalizes his decision on whether to run for mayor of Barcelona, ​​has availed himself this Monday of his right not to answer the questions of the parties, including those of his defense, “on the advice” of his lawyers.

Rosell has only referred to the statement he gave four years ago in the investigation of the case, when he denied that he had the will to defraud the Treasury. Different criteria have been shown by the technicians of the Tax Agency who have appeared at the hearing, who have supported the theses of the Prosecutor’s Office and the State Attorney. Both accusations ask for 2 years and nine months in jail for Rosell.

According to the Treasury, Rosell defrauded the Treasury of 230,591 euros in 2012, using a company managed by himself to charge for his professional services. Rosell, who denies that his conduct has criminal relevance, has already returned the amount defrauded plus interest, so the prosecutor applies the mitigating circumstance of repairing the damage.

The mechanism of the fraud described by the Treasury technicians was that Rosell improperly deducted expenses through a company he managed, called TOC, and did not declare the real estate income corresponding to a property he owned in a town in Girona.

The objective, maintains the prosecutor, was to obtain income that the former president of Barça later hid in his personal income tax return for 2012 when in fact it was linked to his professional activity. The company, based in the home of Rosell himself, lacked a business structure and its only employees were five people who were in charge of the maintenance and cleaning of the offices and the second residence of the former Barça president.

According to the Treasury technicians, Rosell simulated as if it were the lease of the Girona estate providing business advice to various companies. The Treasury discovered it after requesting the aforementioned companies, whose administrators have also testified this Monday.

“TOC did not have a real activity and the deduction of expenses was not possible, a simulation was made to justify the lease, falsifying the concept of invoicing”, asserted one of the Treasury technicians, who has maintained that in society “everything did “Rosell, whom he has accused of having” fraudulent spirit not to pay income tax “.

One of the businessmen who invoiced TOC has explained that Rosell gave him notice of a possible real estate operation, but that this advice did not formalize a written contract with the former president of Barça. To the surprise of prosecutor Pedro Castro, the businessman has defended the lack of papers: “There was no contract in these or in other operations.”

In addition to defending that there was no fraud, the questions of Rosell’s defense, exercised by criminals Pau Molins and Diego Artacho, have been aimed at arguing that the expenses improperly deducted, according to the Treasury, do not reach the limit of 120,000 euros that marks the law to consider a possible tax offense.

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