Wednesday, July 6

Treasury investigates the king emeritus for his hunts after the abdication

The Tax Agency asks Juan Carlos I to justify who paid the expenses of the hunts he attended between 2014 and 2018, after he abdicated, according to what he has advanced The world. In addition to the money with which the hunts and flights were financed, the justification of other gifts received by the king emeritus of lesser amount is also requested.

Unlike on previous occasions, the formal opening of an inspection procedure prevents Juan Carlos de Borbón from availing himself of a voluntary regularization of funds not declared to the Tax Agency. The key from now on is to determine the amount with which his assets were increased through these gifts without declaring them to the treasury, taking into account that the crime against the Public Treasury is set at 120,000 euros.

It is not the first time that Juan Carlos de Borbón has faced an investigation for his expenses, although until now he had managed to succeed. The emeritus king already had to regularize before the Treasury several trips paid as donations in full investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office. In total, he paid the Tax Agency 4.4 million euros that corresponded to tax debts derived from the eight million euros he received for flights made in a private jet company and financed until 2018 by the Zagatka foundation, owned by his Distant cousin Álvaro de Orleans.

According to information from El Mundo, the facts now under investigation are completely unrelated to the operations that the emeritus king regularized at the time.

Last March, the Prosecutor’s Office filed the triple investigation that it maintained around the emeritus alleging these regularizations, that the alleged crimes had prescribed and that others were committed when he enjoyed inviolability despite acknowledging that he enriched himself with his back to the Treasury in the worst of times. the economic crisis. The Prosecutor’s Office then pointed out that it had “detected fees defrauded by the king emeritus between 2008 and 2012, all prescribed except those of 2012, when he was also protected by inviolability.” The facts investigated now are after the abdication, in principle they are not prescribed and the emeritus can no longer benefit from regularization as an inspection procedure has been formally opened.

This Tuesday it has become known that Juan Carlos de Borbón will not return to Sanxenxo this weekend after his controversial visit last month in which he avoided giving any kind of explanation about his hidden fortune, to the point of ironizing about the possibility of doing so. Although the initial intention of the emeritus king was to attend the regattas that bear his name and that will be held this weekend in the town of Pontevedra, his circle of friends has communicated that what was going to be the emeritus’s second visit to Spain since in August 2020 he moved his residence to Abu Dhabi, it was not going to happen for “strictly private reasons”.