Saturday, October 1

Trial for the Jimmy case: more than 80 ultras will sit on the bench eight years after the fight

Eight years after the events of the Jimmy case there is already a date for the trial. It will be December 1 this year. Up to 82 ultras from Atlético de Madrid and Deportivo de A Coruña will sit on the Justice bench for allegedly participating in a massive fight in which the Dépor fan, Francisco Javier Romero alias Jimmy, died. The brawl happened in the vicinity of the old Vicente Calderón in 2014 and ended with the body of the Coruñés in the Manzanares River. The prosecutor asks for sentences of up to two and a half years in prison.

A Deportivo fan was killed in a fight with Atlético de Madrid ultras

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The Criminal Court 23 of Madrid, agrees to bring the defendants to trial for crimes of riotous fight, illegal possession of weapons and attack in competition with injuries. This is the main piece, referring only to the brawl, and not the investigation of Jimmy’s death, which was part of a separate piece and that Justice closed without guilty.

In November 2021, the judge considered that there was not enough evidence to prosecute anyone and did not believe the testimony of a person who pointed out the alleged person responsible for the death, which occurred on November 30, 2014. Now, it is pending that the Court of Madrid decides whether to file definitively once the judge did not prosecute any person for his death.

The Prosecutor’s Office charges all the ultras, belonging to the Athletic Front and the Riazor Blues, with a crime of riotous brawl with the aggravating circumstance of ideological discrimination, for which it requests between one year and nine months in prison, in addition to the prohibition of access to sports venues during the sentence.

For its part, the Professional Football League (LFP), which exercises the popular accusation, asks for between one to three and a half years in prison, although it specifies that the penalties for some crimes could be replaced by fines ranging between 72,000 and 117,000 euros.

The prosecutor’s brief indicates that on November 30, 2014, fans of the Athletic Front and Riazor Blues, with opposing political ideologies – the former neo-Nazis and the latter extreme leftists – “convened on social networks” to attend the 9:00 a.m. in the vicinity of the stadium with the “sole motivation of demonstrating to the other group the primacy of their team and of the ideology with which they identify.”

There, the defendants “attacked each other” in a “violent, confused, random and tumultuous manner” acting “at all times in a group” and “carrying some of them prohibited weapons and dangerous instruments such as wooden sticks, aluminum sticks, batons, baseball, knives, carabiners, extensible fenders”.

Many of the defendants were injured as well as several police officers in that fight in which Jimmy died, without the material records of his death having been found to date.