Sunday, December 10

Trini Falcés dies, the LGTBI activist who changed her name in the middle of the dictatorship, was retaliated against and led the first Pride

Trinidad Falcés, a symbol of LGTBI activism, died this week in A Coruña, the city where he was born in 1942. He managed to change his name in the civil registry of A Coruña in 1953, in full Francoism, and was retaliated against during the dictatorship . She was in prison for five years, part of which she spent in the prison for homosexuals in Badajoz. In 1977, after Franco’s death, she led the first Pride demonstration in Barcelona.

1977: The day homosexuality came out of hiding to take to the streets

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The journalist and writer Eva Mejuto remembers her on her Facebook profile as a “brave, funny, combative, stubborn and generous” person. She “she treasured the history of the movement [LGTBI]all in itself: he experienced repression, prison, police abuse, the pointing out of a society that did not understand (and sometimes still does not understand” or that is out of the (supposed) normality). But also the part of the party, of the first demonstration of the collective in Barcelona, ​​the proud and brave dissidence“.

Mejuto, who collected the history of Trinidad Falcés in his book diverse memory (Diputación de A Coruña, 2022), recounts that a few years ago she decided to return to live in her hometown, where in 2019 she received the Marcela e Elisa award granted by the ALAS association to those who fight for LGTBI rights. The recognition, she says, was for her “a shot of dignity.” The writer remembers the activist with whom she used her “headline” phrase: “Let them take away what I dancedI go through everything”.