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“Trinity” wants to accompany Keanu Reeves in John Wick | Digital Trends Spanish

The Matrix saga had a major revival this year with the recent release of The Matrix Resurrections, the fourth installment in the successful sci-fi franchise.

In fact, the original trilogy became the most watched on the HBO Max platform.

The story again follows in the footsteps of Neo and Trinity, played from the first tape by Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss.

One of the most attractive elements of the film is the chemistry that exists between the two actors, which is transmitted through the screen.

For this reason, it would not be strange to see the two interpreters working together on other projects outside the matrix.

So at least Carrie-Anne Moss herself has suggested it, who in an interview with the magazine People He expressed his desire to accompany Reeves in the action saga John Wick, where he is the protagonist.

A murderer is born

The actress claimed to be a fan of the saga and praised the performance of her castmate:

“I love John Wick. I began to understand Keanu’s incredible gift for telling stories through his body. And I did not fully understand it until I delved into John Wick with one of my sons, who is very close to us, “said the actress.

“It was amazing to have that experience with my son and to see the depth that Keanu is able to create with his body. It’s really an art form. “

As a result of these words, the article plays with the possibility that Carrie-Anne Moss joins the casting of John Wick, which is not strange since there are still two films of the saga to be released.

The funny thing is that the actress rejected the idea of ​​joining as John Wick’s companion, since she prefers to do it as a murderer. In fact, in the interview he says that he would “love” to do it and that he would even start practicing for this hypothetical new role.

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