Friday, September 24

Trudeau calls snap elections in Canada two years after the last elections

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced this Sunday early general elections for September 20, just two years after the previous elections and despite the fact that the country is mired in the fourth wave of the pandemic.

Trudeau met this Sunday with the Governor General of Canada, Mary Simon, who serves as Head of State on behalf of the Queen of England, and requested the dissolution of Parliament. In 2019, the Liberals seized 157 of the 338 seats in the Lower House of Parliament, so for the past two years Trudeau has had to rule in a minority.

The latest polls indicate that Trudeau’s Liberal Party is on track to win the elections again, although experts have warned that the unpredictable evolution of the fourth wave of the pandemic may cause an electoral turnaround.

The main opposition parties expressed their opposition to the electoral advance and the Social Democrat NPD has even requested in writing Mary Simon to refuse to dissolve the Lower House if Trudeau requests it. The NPD has pointed out that, although Trudeau ruled in the minority, A majority of deputies still support the Government and are willing to vote in favor of the Liberals to avoid general elections during the pandemic.