Wednesday, December 8

Trump, admitted after suffering from coronavirus fever




The president of United States, Donald Trump, was admitted yesterday to the Walter Reed military hospital in Washington to be treated by doctors and remain under observation while he recovers from the coronavirus, from which he tested positive on Thursday night. The Marine One helicopter left the White House after six in the afternoon, heading to that medical center where the presidents of the nation usually receive treatment. Trump will undergo several tests and can stay in that hospital for several days.

The president eventually made his own way out of his residence and walked on his own to the helicopter, accompanied by two officials, including his chief of staff, Mark Meadows. At the time, his team posted a video on Twitter in which the president said, “Thank you all for your tremendous support. We’re going to Walter Reed’s hospital. I think I’m fine, but we’re going to make sure everything works out. The first lady is fine. So thank you, I appreciate it, I will never forget it.

“President Trump remains in a good mood, suffer from mild symptoms and has been working all day. As a precaution, and on the recommendation of his GP and other medical experts, the president will work from the presidential offices of Walter Reed for the next few days. President Trump appreciates the large amount of support received by both him and the First Lady, ”Presidential spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement.

Trump is being treated with an innovative cocktail of antiviral antibodies that is being tested with new coronavirus patients, as reported minutes before his medical transfer by the White House doctor, Sean Conley, in an official letter. That cocktail, from the biotech company Regeneron, lowered blood levels of the virus and improved symptoms in 275 of the 1,000 patients it was used in the trial period.

According to Dr. Conley, who treats Trump during his convalescence, the president feels fatigued and has a slight fever. The first lady has a cough and also has a high temperature. Both went into quarantine last night after testing positive for the virus. «This afternoon the president you feel fatigued but you are in good spirits“Said the doctor.

This time, the president has not taken hydroxychloroquine, the drug whose effectiveness as a treatment for the virus he defended for weeks in the spring, and which he said he took for two weeks. The medical community has in fact denied that this substance has a real effect on infected patients, or that it serves to prevent infection, as Trump defended as a reason to take it.

Barron Trump, President Trump’s 14-year-old son and his current wife, tested negative for the coronavirus on Friday, said Stephanie Grisham, chief of staff of Melania Trump. Both Ivanka Trump, the president’s eldest daughter, and her husband Jared Kushner also tested negative for coronavirus on Friday morning. Everyone has seen the president this week.

Although Trump met with Joe Biden in Ohio on Tuesday during the first election debate, the Democrat tested negative on Friday. According to Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the Bidens’ GP, “Vice President Joe Biden and Jill Biden underwent PCR tests today and Covid-19 was not detected.”

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