Wednesday, July 6

Trump announces lawsuit against Facebook, Google and Twitter for suspending his accounts

Former US President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that he will file a lawsuit against Facebook, Google and Twitter and their CEOs to hold them “accountable” for what he considers an attack on their “freedom of expression.”

In a press conference from Bedminster, New Jersey, Trump said that he will seek to prove the illegality of the veto to his accounts, but also defend the First Amendment of the Constitution and that the “Big Tech” stop “silencing”, “putting in a blacklist “and” cancel “Americans.

Trump’s accounts on the social networks Facebook and Twitter remain suspended after a violent assault by a mob of his followers on the US Congress on January 6, something that he has since described as “censorship” and “abuse.”

The former president says he will initiate the lawsuit in the state of Florida, supported by the America First Policy Institute, which brings together politicians from his ideological line and former members of his cabinet, and said that his legal team will include lawyers who have defended tobacco companies.

“The case will prove that this is illegal, unconstitutional and completely anti-American,” said Trump, who says he will seek “restitution” and compensation for “punitive damages” from the social media giants, whom he branded as “government agents. “from the US.

“We are going to hold the ‘Big Tech’ to account and it will be the first of many demands. We are going to be leaders and change the country. It will be a crucial battle in defense of the First Amendment and I am sure that we will win the victory for the United States. for freedom and freedom of expression, “he said.

The tycoon invited people contrary to his ideology, including Democrats, to join the lawsuit, arguing that big technology has joined forces with the government to decide what disinformation is.

In his speech, he surrounded himself with several people injured by account suspensions and figures such as Pam Bondi, a former prosecutor for the Southern District of Florida, who is part of the litigation team.

Bondi argued that social networks should not be protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, created to protect children from “online” exploitation, and which allows technology companies to moderate content on their websites. platforms and, at the same time, shields them from consequences due to material published by users.