Thursday, December 2

Trump has no fever, doesn’t need oxygen and is working, doctors say

Washington, Oct 3 (EFE) .- The medical team that treats US President Donald Trump in a military hospital for his COVID-19 infection assured this Saturday that the president no longer has a fever, does not need oxygen, is working and evolves “very well”.

Trump's vital signs have been "very worrying" in the last 24 hours

Trump’s vital signs have been “very worrying” in the last 24 hours

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The president’s doctor, Sean Conley, assured at a press conference that Trump is on a five-day Remdesivir antiviral therapy and that they will decide on the spot whether it is necessary for him to continue receiving treatment and surveillance at Walter Reed’s military hospital, at outside of Washington, where he was admitted yesterday afternoon, or he can return to the White House.

The president has a blood oxygen saturation level of 96% and “everything indicates that he will not need oxygen,” according to Conley, who was accompanied by the medical and nursing team that attends the president on the presidential floor of the hospital.

Conley refused to detail whether, although he did not need oxygen today, the president has had to receive it since the treatment began.

In the same way, he avoided specifying the temperature of the moderate fever that the president registered on Friday and despite the fact that this morning he did not have an abnormal temperature.

The doctor also assured that the president has been treated “72 hours” since his positive diagnosis for COVID-19 was made public at dawn from Thursday to Friday. This temporary mismatch would suggest that the president kept his schedule on Thursday despite knowing that he was infected with COVID-19.

“We are extremely happy with the progress that the president has made,” said Conley, who recalled that the first few days are essential to know if the disease will progress aggressively or can be controlled with drug therapy.

Conley revealed that the president told him that he believes he “could get out (of the hospital) today”, which shows in his opinion “his good spirits.”

The president has also received, in addition to the antiviral Remdesivir, a cocktail of antibodies, while he rests, but maintains a work routine: the president has nothing planned on his agenda today, but signed two appointments, according to the White House.

Doctors are focusing on monitoring the heart and kidneys and for the moment the function of those organs is normal, while fatigue and coughing is improving, said the medical team that treats Trump.