Wednesday, December 8

Trump’s first night in the hospital: remdesivir and no oxygen

Correspondent in Washington



For the first time in decades, The United States has woken up with the president in the hospital, where he is now receiving treatment for showing fever and fatigue after contracting the coronavirus. Donald Trump has not spent the night on oxygen, but he does receive remdesivir, an antiviral drug that is in experimental studies with patients with Covid-19.

President will spend a few days in Walter Reed’s military hospital, where you usually get your annual checkups. In theory, the White House says he will work from “his offices” there, although his entire schedule – including a rally in Wisconsin – has been canceled this Friday. The president is silent except for two messages on Twitter after his diagnosis.

The medical staff of the hospital assures that the president is taking, in addition to remdesivir, a cocktail of antibodies experimentsl; zinc and vitamin D supplements, and melatonin, which is often used for sleep. Trump also takes a stomach protector and a daily aspirin. During the night, according to a medical report, he did not need oxygen.

At the White House, activity continues normally this Saturday, and the usual officials continue to work, except for those who have tested positive for the virus. Vice President Mike Pence, who should assume the presidency if Trump is incapacitated or unconscious, has tested negative, his spokesman announced on Friday.

Fever and fatigue

According to the president’s doctor, Sean Conley, Trump has tenths of a fever and quite a bit of fatigue. In a video message on Twitter posted yesterday before he was evacuated from the White House to the hospital by helicopter, he featured a more nasal voice than usual. He walked slowly from his residence to the helicopter, covered in a mask.

Trump is being treated with an innovative cocktail of antiviral antibodies that is being tested with new coronavirus patients. That cocktail, from the biotech company Regeneron, lowered blood levels of the virus and improved symptoms in 275 of the 1,000 patients it was used in the trial period.

On this occasion, the president have not taken Hydroxychloroquine, the drug whose effectiveness as a treatment for the virus he defended for weeks in the spring, and which he said he took for two weeks then. The medical community has in fact denied that this substance has a real effect on infected patients, or that it serves to prevent infection, as Trump defended as a reason to take it.

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