Monday, January 17

Trump’s health improves after suffering low oxygen and a “high fever”

The medical team that treats US President Donald Trump, who was transferred to the Walter Reed military medical center after being diagnosed with COVID-19, appeared again before the media this Sunday to update the official status of the president. According to health workers, the politician could be discharged this Monday if his symptoms continue to improve and he remains active, with adequate blood oxygen saturation and no fever, said Brian Garibaldi, one of the members of the medical team at the military hospital in the found.

“It is evolving very well and if it continues like this we will return to the White House,” added the president’s personal physician, Sean Conley, who confirmed that the president was connected to supplemental oxygen on Friday morning after experiencing a drop in blood levels. , a fall that was repeated less seriously on Saturday. However, it was not clear whether they had to give him oxygen a second time.

Doctors also said that Trump had a “high fever” on Friday and was being given dexamethasone, which according to WHO it is not recommended to prevent COVID-19 nor the mild symptoms you cause. “This drug is very promising for treating serious and critical patients, but it was not observed that it would be beneficial for patients who present mild symptoms, that is, for those who do not require oxygen therapy,” they point out from the UN institution.

The last appearance of the president was in a video posted on his Twitter profile where he sent a message to his followers: “When I came here, I was not feeling very well,” says the president, “I feel much better now. We are working hard to come back completely. I have to go back because we still have to make America great again, “he says. “We are going to beat this coronavirus or whatever you want to call it.” In the message, Trump expresses that he could not “stay locked” in the White House: “Without leaving, without even being able to go to the Oval Office,” he says. Therefore, we will have to wait for its evolution in the next few hours to see if Trump can finally return to the White House.