Thursday, January 27

Trump’s New Tech Company Raises $ 1 Billion | Digital Trends Spanish

Last October, Donald Trump announced the creation of a company called Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), under which his next social network would be created to compete (or try to compete) with Twitter. And apparently everything is going from strength to strength for said company, which according to Trump himself, has already raised more than 1,000 million dollars.

At official statement, Donald Trump assures that this amount of money serves as “an important message for big technology companies, that they must end censorship and political discrimination.” The latter, in clear allusion to the measures taken by social networks -although mainly Twitter- to combat hate speech, which generally comes from the political spectrum akin to the former president of the United States.

“As our balance sheets expand, TMTG will be in a better position to combat the tyranny of big tech companies,” the statement said.

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One of the great objectives of this new Donald Trump company is the launch of TRUTH Social, a new social network that will not discriminate against anyone for their political vision. And strictly speaking, what Trump and his associates seek is to compete with Twitter and Facebook, which have eliminated him from their platforms due to his constant false statements and incitement to hatred, which reached its peak in early 2021 with the assault on United States Capitol.

TRUTH Social will be just the first of Trump and his tech company projects. Next up will be TMGT +, a video subscription service that will be focused on entertainment, news, podcasts and similar products, but always focused on the specific audience that thinks similarly to Donald Trump on social, financial and even racial issues.

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