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TSMC to build a chip factory in Japan | Digital Trends Spanish

Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC has announced the construction of a new factory in Japan, in order to reduce the crisis due to the shortage of chips that affects practically all hardware companies.

In a report of Reuters, this new Japanese TSMC plant is said to use somewhat older technology to create chips. This has an objective since it is precisely Mde chips, which are widely used in the automotive sector, are the ones that have suffered the most from the shortage.

However, construction has not yet started and is still subject to full board approval. When this happens, it will just begin to be implemented and it is expected to be operating by 2024, so it is a medium or long-term project.


According to TSMC, the stock chip will continue throughout the year 2022. This is not a novelty, rather it is a situation expected by those who are aware of the situation and therefore, hardware products in general will continue to have problems next year .

To start with, Apple is already expected to reduce the number of next-generation iPhones to be manufactured. Likewise, the video card segment is not expected to continue with problems not only of stock but also of prices, which have increased in great quantity due to the lack of units and the action of resellers.

If everything turns out according to forecasts, it is not until 2023 that this shortage should normalize and, perhaps, prices will return to a more normal state.

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