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Tuck Bike: the most compact folding bike in the world | Digital Trends Spanish

The bicycle is one of the most popular means of transport in the world and, recently, folding bikes have gained a lot of ground among users.

It is a useful and practical device that people can take to various places and then conveniently store to take up a small space.

Now a former Jaguar Land and Rover engineer introduces the Tuck Bike, which has been described as the most compact folding bike in the world.

For now, this design has been announced as a project seeking financing on Kickstarter, but it is very likely that it will end up being mass-produced, since it is an attractive model that even allows its wheels to be folded.

How does it work?

The Tuck Bike has front and rear wheels with three small clips. These can be released without the use of tools. Also, the three sections of the wheel are tucked inside each other.

Once fully folded, the Tuck Bike measures 65 x 40 x 86 centimeters. According to Alex Animashaun, its creator, this way of folding allows the bike to be stored under the bed or the desk.

Another folding option also allows the handlebars to be retracted inward so that the bike can be moved in small, narrow spaces such as aisles or busy walkways.

Another possibility is “The Quickie”, which is a simple inward folding of the frame so the bike can be maneuvered and rolled at only half its original size.

Animashaun also explained that those who want to be part of the project can do so through Kickstarter for a sum of $ 1,795.

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