Tuesday, March 28

Tudanca faces the last week of the campaign supported by the socialist presidents: “Either Vox or the PSOE governs”

The socialist candidate for the elections on February 13 in Castilla y León, Luis Tudanca, has started this last week of campaign supported by the regional presidents of the party in an act in Segovia, in which he has contrasted the two alternatives between which, In his opinion, the citizens who deposit their ballot in a ballot box within eight days will have to decide: “Either the PP governs with Vox or there is a change government of the PSOE, that is why now we not only need to win, we need to win for more” .

Tudanca, who already won the elections in 2019, but who could not govern after the agreement between the PP and Ciudadanos that the popular have dynamited, has insisted on that idea of ​​”winning by more” so that “no one can change the will in the offices of Castilians and Leonese and for there to be a sufficient majority to make this unstoppable change”.

“Either the PSOE and Luis Tudanca govern or Vox governs, a party that voted against the revaluation of pensions, the increase in the minimum wage, the labor reform and that, every time it comes here trying to pretend that it knows something about the field, gives the sensation that is halfway between Los Santos Inocentes and La escopeta nacional”, said the president of the Principality of Asturias, Adrián Barbón. During his speech, the Spaniard stressed that “socialist governments never fail”, while in Madrid and Castilla y León they have called early elections and in Andalusia “they say it is a matter of hours before it blows up”.

“Same Show From 1987”

“We are going to give Castilla y León its voice back in Spain, it is good enough that they have made us invisible”, assured Tudanca, who has opted in his speech to place the region “in the future”, betting on public services , youth and job creation. “We need a government that provides stability,” he said before accusing Mañueco of promising “the same thing over and over again.” “It could be presented with the 1987 program, exchanging pesetas for euros”, he has affirmed.

During the convention, all the autonomous presidents of the PSOE have referred to the “irresponsibility” that early elections entail, at a time when the communities are beginning to receive European recovery funds. “While you”, Tudanca addressed the socialist leaders, “are designing your present and your future, Mañueco has put us in elections”. An election, he has said, “in the middle of a pandemic, for the interests of Genoa and to cover up corruption.” “It is a whim, a manifest irresponsibility. It is to use the institutions that support our democracy for their own benefit and out there, no,” denounced the president of La Rioja, Concha Andreu.

“The PP only helps Spain when it makes a mistake”

“Some have called elections in Castilla y León to talk about Madrid”, said the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García Page, who has recommended “moderation” to Tudanca, although it is “difficult” because “the brilliance is in the that insults”. Along the same lines, Page has accused Vox of wanting to “kill the autonomies” and the PP of being so “thrown to the mountain that it only helps Spain when it is wrong.” “For the first time they have made a mistake,” he said in reference to the vote on the labor reform, which has gone ahead due to the error of a popular deputy.

The President of the Senate, Ander Gil, who moderated the meeting, also spoke on this matter, assuring that he had recommended to the President of the Lower House, Meritxell Batet, “that she put the computers of Congress in a safe place, because We know what happens when the PP has problems with information technology, which involves hammering hard drives”.

The president of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, has insisted that the PP “have become hooligans.” “They have forgotten to have a project to seek confrontation pure and simple. Mañueco is not that he does not have a project, it is that he does not care, because his project is called confrontation. He is not thinking about the regional elections, he is confronting a project national, because he thinks that Madrid and Castilla y León are the same”, he has developed. Fernández Vara has recommended to Tudanca that he not speak only for his own, but for all Castilians and Leonese: “Let them know that you have a project for all of them”, he said.

Andreu has spoken along the same lines, stating that “there are communities that oppose the Government more than their own deputies.” “You only have to look at the panorama of certain regional presidents. There is no loyalty for them, they turn it into a confrontation and we already know what happens when a community begins with the “I am more than you”, “said Andreu .

“The best for our country”

“You could have placed yourself in the opposition for the opposition”, said the president of Navarra María Chivite to highlight the work of the socialist candidate in the region in recent years “from responsibility”. “Those are also the different ways of doing the PSOE”, insisted the Navarran, who has ensured that if Tudanca wins “it will be the best for our country as a whole”. That is the idea that the president, Javier Lambán, has also highlighted, who has “fervently” wanted Tudanca to be president of Castilla y León “for the benefit of Aragon and Spain”. “With Tudanca Castilla y León and Spain will come out on top,” he repeated.

“We are not going to allow ourselves to be less than anyone, but we want to grow together, cooperate, work with the rest of the territories and have a project that helps Spain,” said Tudanca, who has refused to “market” with “the rights of the equality, of workers, of women, of public education, of social services, of dependency, of health… We will never negotiate with that”.