Wednesday, March 22

Tudanca will continue to lead the PSOE and advances the PP that will not abstain to “give” it the Government of Castilla y León

“I’m still on my feet and I’m moving on.” The leader of the PSOE of Castilla y León, Luis Tudanca, reported this Tuesday, after the meeting of the Territorial Council and the Autonomous Executive, that he continues to lead the PSOE. After analyzing the electoral results of last Sunday, Tudanca has reiterated the conclusion that he drew that night: “The PSOE did not meet the objectives, which were to win and govern, the result is bad,” he acknowledged. Tudanca thanked the support received from provincial secretaries and the party’s Autonomous Executive. In addition, he has recalled that the PSOE obtained the electoral support of 30%. “I recognize that I am not always clear about what to do and that I thought about resigning, but, after these two days, I am still standing, I am going forward, I am going to continue being responsible and leading the political project, I am not going to fail the PSOE. Hope for those who want to sow doubts about the socialist party. There will be debate and reflection, but we are a united and strong party”, he said.

But Tudanca has also warned the Popular Party that he does not plan to abstain from a potential investiture of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, because “he is already governing with Vox.” In this sense, he has recalled that he governs with turncoats in Murcia and Villaquilambre, and that he governs with Vox in Aranda de Duero (Burgos) or the Palencia City Council, which snatched from the PSOE the pact between PP and Ciudadanos with the support of Vox .

Tudanca refuses to allow a new PP government in Castilla y León, because “the elections have passed” but “the PP continues to have a stain that is corruption” and there are cases under investigation, such as the alleged illegal financing during the primaries that Mañueco won, or that will be judged soon, such as the Perla Negra case or that of the Wind Plot. “Has the PP changed its ideas and convictions? Do you consider today that agreeing with the extreme right is a problem? If you believe that, say so and explain why you have changed your mind. Until now, agreeing with them was not a problem” , explained the socialist leader. Thus, he has asked the PP not only to put “a cordon sanitaire”, but to respect the PSOE, to stop insulting and to say “how they have changed”. But he has specified that he speaks of “cordon sanitaire” and not “of giving them a government.” “That they break with Vox in Palencia, or in El Espinar (Segovia). Give the PP a government after 35 years in Castilla y León? Never. We have been facing the extreme right for a long time,” he asserted.

Tudanca has warned that he will not accept “any shell game” and that he will not “give away” a government so that the PP “continues to agree with Vox. “We are still standing, they have not been able to beat us and they will not be able to,” he recalled. , has pointed out that the difference between PP and PSOE is 20,000 votes.

“The debate is not whether we abstain to give Mañueco a government, but whether there is a cordon sanitaire for all and for all. He has not asked us for anything and it is because he does not consider not agreeing with vox, the responsibility is his,” he has said. recriminated. In addition, Tudanca has ruled out an electoral repetition: “The PP is going to agree with Vox, what they are doing now is dressing it up,” she assured. He has also described as “ironic” that Mañueco intends to carry the weight of the negotiations when two years ago “the government of Castilla y León gave him a direct and “secret” negotiation between Teodoro García Egea and Albert Rivera. put worthy Neither the national leadership nor the PP of Castilla y León have the shame to agree with Vox, it is something that has to do with the organic thing, not with the ideological part, what it does seem is that they will agree against Casado, “he warned.