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Tudum: the Netflix site that offers exclusive content | Digital Trends Spanish

Many times we are left with a feeling of emptiness when we finish watching a series or movie that we have really enjoyed. Most of the time we turned to the internet to find out more about the recently played content, such as the information of the actors who participated in it.

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Aware of this custom, Netflix has launched Tudum. It is a new complementary website that provides extra information about the original productions of the platform.

How does it work?

For now this site is in full development, in fact, it is only possible to find it in English. Of course, the company hopes to expand it to more languages ​​in the coming weeks.

For this, the reception it may have among users will be crucial.

Those who enter Tudum will be able to find an attractive platform that delivers exclusive content about the series and original films that are part of the company’s streaming.

This includes news, updates, scoops, trailers, trivia, guides, and exclusive information.

Say hello to Tudum – a backstage pass that lets you dig deeper into the Netflix films, series, and stars you love! It’s still early days but you can expect exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes videos, bonus features, and more. Check it out

& mdash; Netflix (@netflix) December 9, 2021

For now, home displays content from Red Notice, Cobra Kai, Don’t look up, Emily in Paris, The Unforgivable, The witcher Y Lost in Space, among others.

The page also shows which are the most popular contents of the moment through an interactive ranking. For this, the company relies on its new way of evaluating the success of a production, and that it counts the hours reproduced and not the number of clients who have accessed an original material.

A more complete experience

The idea of ​​those in charge is that Tudum offers complementary material for fans of the platform, also that the experience is more complete and users can stay longer connected with the service.

According to Bozoma Saint John, Netflix’s chief marketing officer, the idea behind Tudum is for “fans to dive deeper into the stories they love, feed their obsessions and start new conversations.”

At the same time, and according to the preferences of the users who visit the site, Netflix will be able to obtain valuable information that will allow it to improve the fan experience.

For this, it is necessary for users to log into the website using the same data from their Netflix account.

An ambitious bet

Tudum left a few months ago with an exclusive event of the same name. It was carried out virtually and featured the participation of the most prominent actors from the company’s original productions.

At that time, trailers were shown and exclusive content was shared, it is possible that the success of that day has motivated Netflix executives to try to repeat the experience through a website.

In recent times, the company has also launched its gaming platform, which shows that the company’s project seeks to transform Netflix into a complete entertainment service, beyond the transmission of original series and movies.

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