Monday, December 6

Tuenti founder changes his testimony: his bitcoins were not stolen

Confusing testimonials. After the news went viral on Wednesday that the founder of the social network Tuenti, the American Zaryn Dentzel, was kidnapped and even tortured to steal his holdings of bitcoin (BTC); it is now known that this was not really the case, but that other personal belongings had been stolen from him.

According to police sources consulted by the agency Espa├▒ola de Noticias EFE, which published the information on its paid service; The 38-year-old businessman went to report the robbery with violence to the Police in Madrid, which initiated an investigation.

The inquiries, the sources say, showed that Dentzel’s cryptocurrencies were not stolen, but other personal items and valuable materials.

Although on Tuesday he said that a group of hooded men attacked his house and tortured him to make him confess the password to his digital wallets, the Police say that this “confused” testimony was given but by the state of nervousness of today outraged.

What did Dentzel say at first?

Zaryn Dentzel’s first complaint was reported by CryptoNews. According to the businessman, at about 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, he was at home with a friend and a maintenance worker, he opened the front door when he heard the bell. It was then that a group of four hooded people were violently introduced into their home and they covered the security cameras.

Then, they began a series of acts of torture so that the owner of the house gave them his fortune. They gave him from blows to electric shocks with a laser gun. They even cut his chest for refusing to hand over his money. The Federal Police were able to verify the injuries.

After being tortured and threatened for a time, the businessman claimed that he gave them the password to his wallet, where he apparently had tens of millions of euros in bitcoin. Immediately afterwards, they fled with some of their personal technology equipment.

The investigation continues in proceso.